A Dream I Had Once

A Dream World

It is night, and the world is lit by moonlight. There is something magical about this light, and its not just that the forest is teeming with mythical creatures or that everything seems from a fairy-tale. It is a full moon, a life-giving moon, as the sun is in the other worlds, in my world.
I am not alarmed to find myself in this completely unfamiliar place, in fact, I am ecstatic. It is so beautiful here- the sky is the dark black-blue of night, but there are myriad stars strewn through it. The very foliage and plants here are burgeoning with life and interest. Where I look, there are colorful stalks, leaves, flowers and other indescribable plant-things. And the animals!
The place is full of wildlife, and I am not even nervous to hear a very large something moving through the forest nearby. Somehow I know that it is friendly, and if not, it is at least not malevolent. There are insects, small creatures, birds, everywhere. They don’t make as loud a racket as such a troop easily could in my own world, but each adds a special and exotic tone to the music of this place. Things that were small in my world are very large here; butterflies are as big as my head.
I hear a noise that grabs my attention; great, whooshing wings. These are not the wings of any bird; they are far too large for that. My guess is they are a forty foot span, at least. It comes from the foliage to the west, and as I turn to look, I see an elegant Pegasus and her rider take off over the forest. They soar gracefully on magnificent wings upward, into the inky darkness of the night. They seem to touch the very sky, and then move toward the moon. Pegasus and Woman were silhouetted against the moon, and there they hung motionless, frozen in before their pale round frame.
I turn back, and there is suddenly an old wise man standing in the clearing with me. He seems kind and helpful, if little distracted. A long white beard and tall pointed hat are his most distinguishing features.
To the South and through the trees, a large, sparkling expanse of water can be glimpsed. There is no doubt in my mind that mermaids swim there. As I look through the break in the trees soars the Pegasus! I am not sure if this is the same one that took off to the west, but a dainty, nymph-like woman bounded from his back and into the woods. The Pegasus was black and rainbow, I realize. With a black base color and lighter, more colorful markings, she was an exquisite creature. I hesitate just an instant, unsure whether it was my place to ask or not. After a moment passes, I say,
“Could I have a ride- just a short one?” in a shy, hopeful tone.
The Pegasus regards me with a thoughtful eye. After a moment, her head dips in what I take as a nod. Overjoyed at this chance, I hop on at once, sitting just behind where the wings attach to the shoulders. She is very comfortable, just like a horse but with a more natural feel.
Pegasus turns back toward the great expanse of water. I think that she will not have the room take off because the trees and shrubs are so close, but she is nearly nose to them when she takes off. We launch almost straight upwards. “You’re terrific!” I exclaim to Pegasus. She seems pleased. I feel a great rush as the leaves brush by my feet and then are entirely left behind. We soar effortlessly upward, into the now black sky. The moon is gone, I notice, but the world doesn't seem any darker.
Banking toward the coast, we fly a ways while I take in the view of the land. The forest spreads out over the hilly land- like a great, green carpet composted of trees, with various bald spots that are ponds or clearings. Then Pegasus turns out to sea. She flies us over the water, which is calm and glittery for a sea. There aren't birds like there would be in my world, and the sea has a charm about it that makes it seem safe and comfortable. Gradually descending toward a shallow place where there are reeds growing, and even one colorful tree, we slow for the wet landing. The moon is gone now, but the magic still lingers a little longer.
We land in the water, my feet and legs immersed in the cool, clear lake. Pegasus swam us to the sandbar. She lifted us up, onto the land that was about a foot under the water. Here, I dismounted to have a look around. We were in the middle of the lake, which was so huge I couldn’t see the other side. Pegasus lowers her head and started cropping the reeds that grew tall enough to come above the surface. There are others here, too. They seem to be regular horses, though. How did they get out here in the lake? I question. Surprised, I look back at Pegasus – and her color has changed! She is no longer black and rainbow, but black and white. I glance at the others. Were they once Pegasus’s too? I see one younger brown Pegasus- nowhere as grand as my Pegasus- come gliding in to land. As soon as he was on the sandbar, his wings began to recede. They stay here during the day, I realize. I look at Pegasus, her wings still intact, but her magic- aided intelligence fading. She was becoming a normal horse. I run to her, scared of being stranded on the sandbar and unable to get back. I leap onto her back and hope she knows what to do.
Pegasus was startled- she took off out of fright, and headed instinctively for land. Already, it was nearing dawn. I urge Pegasus on and hope her magic is strong enough to last until we land. A worrying terror nags at me that we’ll never make it in time. I push the thought away because, here, where magic rules, even thoughts could hold sway in reality. Instead I look at the beach, the dark water below us, which seems more feisty than before, begins to seem noisier and more like a lake from my world.
We make it, we land on the beach of the mainland. I dismount, and find that Pegasus is now just Horse. Her wings have gone and there is no more magic left, in her or this world. I look at her with sad understanding. She looks at me with nothing more than dull acknowledgement, then trots off into the forest. Everything is normal now. I must confess that I am a little more than disappointed to see the magical and magnificent return to mundane and normal. Sighing with resignation, I walk through (wake to) the world I know, to my mundane and normal life.
Dawn breaks and the sun starts to rise.

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u dreamed of someone with blue eyes... beautiful eyes.. they r from ireland