Crazy Vivid Dream..any Idea What Caused It

my dream

Hi I am a 19 year old college male. i took a nap and it lasted about 1 hour 30 minutes. The dream was so real to me in the dream. It was a vivd dream. I was panicking and crying and actually thinking that this was really my life. I actually slept through my class because I had slept through my alarm, which is very loud, that was right next to my ear. The setting was in a futuristic dark college campus. Everything was old and dark. I had been hanging out with my friends. Then I remember this girl giving me oral sex. She thought my penis was small and so did I. Then as I got harder it got bigger and bigger and then it started to bleed and then it shot to the next day. Then in the morning all my friends had told me how crazy i was last night. I could not remember anything except for the sex. I was worried because the girl may have given me an std and i did not drink any alcohol that night. Immediately, the fire alarm went off and it was raining. I started to think of all the things that could have happened for me to forget what happened. I went to the doctor at my school. He said if i was telling the truth then my memory loss was probably from the car accident that I was in months back (i have never been in a car accident). He said it would be a lifelong problem if i was telling the truth. Then, this girl who I like started to chase me with a baseball bat and started to swing it violently at me. She said that I had said some things to her dad. I cried as she held the bat up to me. I swore that I did not know that I had done anything to her dad. I remember feeling so panicky and thought this is very real; I have a mental problem. I was so sad. Then, i started to hangout with my friends. I still felt stressed out. We went to a room and my friend's dad walked in. That's when I woke up. It took me a few seconds to realize that I was normal and that it all was a dream. I had to inspect myself and my room to see if I was ok.

Any advice for what this may mean? Thanks
nikechamp51 nikechamp51
Nov 30, 2012