The Battle

the world was ending or had ended and the devil had captured me and a few others and was riding motor cycles with us tied to back, well him and his crew stopped in this huge cave and he started a fire with his finger in a recess that was in the cave, first he told me to do it, I wasn't able to so he did somehow a little while later a Hawk flew in and grabbed me and i ended up with my wooden staff in my hand in the rain at the mouth of the cave then moving to the middle of the cave and yelled now I have wood in my hand and nature with me, come on, tree's grew everywhere and his fire went out and his crew drove off to leave him , the trees grabbed him and held, everyone else ran out of the cave and when I turned to face him i woke up

and the fire was in color as was the stripes he carved in the cave wall with his finger nail the trees had green tops

there were 3 or 4 other ppl there
one was a little girl that the devil really was "being mean" to, I guess you'd say, like making her sit outside the cave in the rain and stuff like that
that's how the staff appeared in my hand, the hawk flew me to the cave mouth to check on her and the staff appeared in my hand
Harleytrailmaster Harleytrailmaster
Dec 13, 2012