Invisible Tyrannosaurus Rex In My Backyard

I had this dream repeatedly since I was child, and when I was younger it was more like a nightmare.
In my dream, I was in my backyard at one of our family picnics, and all my relatives were there as well as family friends. I was about 4 or 5 years old in the dream--always. (An interesting side note about this dream is that the setting--the backyard picnic with family and friends--is an exact replica of an actual picnic my family had when I was that age, and my father had filmed it on Super8, which I have to this day, now saved in digital format.) So, at this picnic, I am walking under a trellis we have in our yard when an invisible Tyrannosaurus Rex interrupts the picnic. In the dream, I am the only one who seems to notice the T-Rex though everyone else is now frozen still, like statues. The T-Rex communicates to me that I must also be very still like a statue or everyone will die. And I am scared, so scared that we will all die so I do my best to stand very still, and I hold my breath as long as I can, trying not to move even a tiny muscle.
Usually I wake up at this point to find that I have been holding my breath, sometimes trying to suffocate myself with my face buried into my pillow.
I had this dream at least once a year until I was around 20 years old when I made the conscious decision in the dream to finally stand up to the T-Rex, and this time instead of being still and holding my breath, I yelled at it: "I'm not afraid of you--I don't believe in you!" And I haven't had that dream since.

I feel the dream was about religion and how I felt about my religious upbringing. To me, the T-Rex represented God in the way Catholics depict Him-- a scary old dinosaur who will devour you if you don't do as He commands. I gave up being a Catholic when I was around 13 because I didn't have faith in what I was being taught. To me, God isn't scary and doesn't punish you for not obeying His command by killing you.  Standing up to the T-Rex in my dream helped me put my Catholic upbringing behind me.
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The Catholic association is something I would have never thought about. You have to know something about the individual to be able to accurately define a dream. At least it helps.

Monsters are something scary and I would have suggested that it was a person in your life that was a bad person or someone that made you afraid. And perhaps they may have threatened you. That is why you had to remain still, so others would not get hurt. That is a lot of responsibility for a 4 year old.

I had a similar dream like you but I only had it once. I had a dream of a devil that looked like myself except he looked red and had a grin on his face. He came towards me and I told him I was not afraid of him and that I would 'kick his ***' and I woke up throwing punches in my I was fighting.... I started to scream for Jesus,....sweet Jesus, save me ! And then I woke up........I had an apartment and I wondered if anyone heard

Not quite the same dream, but the same results. I'll never forget the dream.