White Wolf

I had a dream that i was standing on my porch and there is a woman standing across the street with a white wolf on a leash, the gets aways and starts charging at me while the woman is screaming "run run", but i was so startled and intrigued by how white and big the wolf was i just froze. The wolf jump on me and he is wrapped around my neck and there was a voice that came to me that said stay calm and I then began to gently rub the wolf back and it changed into a man with ble eyes and he took something (i cant remember what) but said "that was all that I wanted" and dissapeard and then I woke up. Can anyone help me interpret this dream?
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

whoops -- few type-o's...
sub-concious mind, not ming
psychic garbage, not garnage

i think that your dream is firstly about following YOUR instincts -- you didn't listen when the women in the dream said "run", and it turns out you were safe anyways. also, when the wolf turns into a man and says "that was all i wanted", i think that re-affirms that you trusted your instincts and nothing violent or nefarious happened to you. this could translate as facing your fears, as well, or trusting yourself within a romantic relationship. maybe you've been dating someone who others' think is no good, but you really care for and this is your sub-concious ming expressing this.
hope this helps. i have had crazy/vivid,/complex/confusingnightmares & dreams since i was a teenager and started taking anti-depressants and have spent years trying to understand them. sometimes there's a message, and sometimes it's simply psychic garnage.