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Bane, Ninja Squad, And Vivid Dreams

My dreams are usually very vivid when I'm not having the crazy naked in school dreams or shopping for something in the store dreams. If I'm sleeping very well, I have dreams that take me on adventures. In my dreams, you can hear someone speaking, telling the story of what's going on. It's so awesome! I've been a fairy on a quest to kill a dragon, part of an elite Asian assassin clan, and have been a 14th century princess on a quest to kill an evil wizard.

These kinds of dreams have so much to them, I can't believe my mind makes up this stuff! Last night I had a dream that I was part of an undercover american ninja group who were looking for a secret vault full of weapons. We partnered up with Bane (yes, from The Dark Knight Rises) and he was to help us find this fault and get what we needed. Instead, he betrayed us and trapped us in the vault. (It did cool opening mechanical tricks by the way). I was the only one who got out so Bane came after me. I dodged his attacks and ran off to hide. He came looking for me but I was hiding on the sealing (all ninja like). As he walked away I dropped from the wall and attempted to run. He caught me and we engaged in a fight.

Of course though, he beat the crap out of me. I got a few punches and swing kicks in. I ran outside and just as I was about to get away he shot me twice. I fell to the ground and pretended to be dead. (Maybe because I knew I was dreaming, I couldn't die.) I went back and hid under some covers (the kind for cars) and just as Bane was about to walk off...the alarm clock goes off.

These are the kind of dreams I have almost every night. And it's ALWAYS a story. Oh, and my name was Kaydo and my code name was Ky Ky. I kept seeing a bunny symbol (don't know why.)

Thanks for sticking around to read this.
SuperMagicMuffin SuperMagicMuffin 22-25, F 1 Response Jan 20, 2013

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I have a ton of adventure dreams.

It's pretty great.

I actually love sleeping because I enjoy them so much. I have full on movie plot dreams. Tons or characters. Tons of action intrigue drama and mystery. Many have a scifi or fantasy aspect to them.

Most involve escape or rescue or a quest to recover something.

You know- the basic adventure plots.

I'm usually a lead character or multiple characters.

They are very vivid and elaborate.

Just really amazing.
Scary at times but they only turn nightmarish about once per month.