I used to think that all people had the kind of dreams I have.  Vivid and intense, very real feeling.  As I talk to people more about dreams, I find that a lot of people never or rarely remember theirs.  I almost always remember mine unless I only get 6 hours of sleep or something.  As long as I hit that REM sleep I'm good.  I kept a dream log for a while.  It is interesting to go back through it months later and see what you dreamed about.  I was amazed at the dreams I forgot I had.  They can seem even more significant as time passes.  I almost always have water in my dreams (lakes, rivers, oceans).  Being in natural settings in general (mountains, beaches), families houses, college campuses, or at my own house are my most common dream settings.  I'm usually trying to break free or escape from something.  Being trapped is a very common theme for me.  Escaping from a police state scenario (which is kinda funny to me b/c I'm not a big conspiracy theorist) is a common dream I have. 
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Sure will! I can virtually guarantee that your dreams have meaning to you and your life. What's difficult is figuring out what your dreams are trying to tell you. Reading Carl Jung is a great idea if you want to start to understand your dreams. I read his book Man and His Symbols and it was a really nice surprise. I learned a lot from that book about what my dreams might mean. If you wanna talk about dreams send me a message. I'd be glad to share with you. Thanks!

Okey I just want to let you know you have just descibded my dreams. They contain all of the same elements. Only I usaully die in mine too but thats besides the point. Do urs feel so real, or let you see things you have nevr known about in real life and yet can depict perfectly here? All of my dreams contain water in some form. And I am too often being chased. If youd find out anything more about your dreams and if they mean anything will you let me know?

I can't say that I feel things in you?

I have the most crazy vivid dreams myself.... it's like life- most the time i cant even tell im dreaming.<br />
<br />
And here i thought i was special *LOL* okay just kidding...<br />
<br />
so can you feel it when things touch you in your dreams???

i bet when you doodle with pen and paper it looks something like a telephone cord - the round loopies? supposedly your 'escape' dreams indicate a period of stress as do the loopy doodle thingies...