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I only have vivid dreams. And I have sleep problems as it is. I constantly have nightmares, a lot of times 3 or 4 in one night. And another weird thing is that, I know that I am dreaming when I am. Like, one time I was dreaming that I was being chased by zombies, and I was runnign around in circles screamin, "WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!!!" and in another dream, I had dreamt that I had won the lottery and a lifetime supply of candy (weird, I know) and I was just thinking about how lucky I was when I said, "****.... this is a dream... might as well enjoy it while I can!" and I started eating and woke up. Yeah.. my dreams are weird. But, as I was telling some of them to my mother, she told me it was weird how vivid they were. Amazingly weird. I have been keeping track of most of them for almost 3 years now, too.
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Okay thanks... I'll do that. :)

It's called a lucid dream :)<br />
Look it up, you will learn a lot.

o.k first, i have to tell you, that<br />
there may be significanece to these dreams, i had a dream wich shoked me into being more religus, and i have never had it again, i cant tell you what the dream was now, because im on my own and im scared, but i will tell you whaen im ready, i my self am muslim, after the dream i said , o god, gide me and give me peace, help me to over come this.<br />
and there was an overwelming felling of fullness,<br />
try it, you never know,<br />
were do you live, i can give you detailes of your local mosque, if you live near me i will happily take you.<br />
you will be verry welcome, even if you dont even want to be muslim! there tou can talk about all the things that are troubling you<br />
go to my site for more or email me @ findpeaceinislam@hotmail.co.uk<br />
i wil pray for you every night, you do to, even if you do not no who you are praying to, god will awnser you,<br />
for he is the most merciful<br />
god hlep you<br />
and gide you like he did to me<br />