My Dreams Are Vivid But Make No Sense

for instance, sometimes i dream of people who i think I know in real life, but then later i wake up and realize, i'd never seen them before until the dream. i rarely ever have dreams about sex.
Spice99857 Spice99857
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4 Responses Jun 21, 2007

It's scary when that happens! D:

Me4. Sometimes my dreams seem so real, that I am kind of upset when I wake up. Other times the situation is so frightening, I wake up with my heart beating.

wow! me too! i always dream of this guy.. and we are super close in my we're best friends.. but when I wake up i realize i've never seen him before!!

Woah, exactly that happened to me yesterday; dreamt I was in a class room in school and I was talking with this girl all the time. I knew everyone who was around me from real life, so I thought I knew this girl too, but after hours of contemplation it hit me that I've never met that person! Such a weird feeling!