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I Believe In Getting Visions Through Dreams

I do have very vivid dreams. they are the type of dreams that you remember every detail what people were wearing, what was said, where we were.  I also remember how I feel whenever I dream.   I believe that people can get visions through their dreams, about people or situations that can happen in the future.  Once when I was around 8 or 9 I had a dream where all I saw was my uncles face and then a deep red color splashed over his face, when I woke up I was upset, so I went to go sit on the couch, later that morning my dad got a phone call that my uncle had passed away needless to say I was a little freaked out.  This happened a second time when I was pregnant with my son, Unfortunately the pregnancy was a still birth.At the time of the dream i was 4 months pregnant and in the dream I just saw myself very pregnant but never giving birth, when I woke up I felt very anxious and continued to worry and feel that way, 2 months later I lost my son to reasons only god knows.  Maybe these visions were a way of god preparing me for what was to come, I truly believe that we can connect that way through our dreams.  No not all my dreams are about death, I have wierd dreams that I try and decode their meanings, such as I'm driving down a dark road and I turn my headlights on a bunch of seals, who knows what that could mean, or I recently had a dream where my soon to be ex and his just "friend" roomate we'll call her lady x  ended up pregnant  and I saw a bunch of fish in the sink, do you think I think something fishy is going on there absolutly, just be up front and honest no lies.

I love dreaming even inspite of my visions, it's an outlet, an adventure and so much more.

bellamomma bellamomma 31-35, F 19 Responses Oct 20, 2008

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i get a lot of visions in the day time and dreams at night and sometimes they still happen even if they are different i still think its a connection as well! and its a gift for us to be prepared for something eventful.... ITs a gift, and use it wisely:)

I would agree that you have a clairvoyant gift. I truly enjoyed what you shared, especially about the fish. I'm sorry for your loss, and yes these visions to prepare us for what is to come. I would like to invite you to my blog to see scores of dreams that have come true. inbox me if you are interested. Best wishes.

I recently had a dream where my daughter was on the end of the bed tugging my blanket yelling "mama mama", I suddenly woke up at 430 in the morning in panic mode, I was crying hysterically and could not breathe I called her dad crying uncontrollably to find out he had been in an accident nothing too serious but it freaked me out that I had that spell.

I can often understand and interpret dreams. It just seems like a visual language that I translate into english. I have also had dreams that came true or dreams about problems other were having.

Wow, amazing how dreams can give us a look into what our future could possibly be or a situation that may need attending to...I hope you can find that picture, what a great memory:) thank you for sharing!

I had dreams where, I could not imagine, what could happen. I would be in a certain country, but then in my dreams be somewhere else.<br />
<br />
I saw myself living in a house on the side of a mountain, seemed very precarious. Very high up. A great big mountain. It seemed like I was living in the Swiss Alps. My sons friend was sitting on the porch..with the big mountain fr<x>amed behind him. I woke up thinking.. remind me never to buy a house like that. Um... Guess where I am now and did that happen yes. I took a picture of him which was lost. <br />
<br />
He had just finished making a rock wall with me, young and handsome. Then we all went up onto the porch to have a rest and a coffee. His name was S. Impossibley it has come true.

Oh mahem, I'm so sorry for your loss...dreaming or having visions about death is scary and when they do in fact come true it totaly disarms us and freaks us out....well for me it does....Ill keep u in my prayers...<br />
Maltese, lately I have been having dreams/visions too ,two inparticular came to pass, guess someone above was sending me sighns to protect and prepare me...none the less it always freaks me out when they actually happen...

I'm a very vivid dreamer too . . . I get alot of messages . . . but lately I choose to ignore them . . .

I just recently had a dream that my friend died, then a day later he did.

wow therine, If i had those dreams I too would be worried that when I awoke they wouldbe there.. I have had dreams about spiders too, white one's and one black one, not sure what it means but definatly scares me and I instantly wake up...Sometimes our dreams are our subconcious way of telling us something, maybe there is an aspect of your life that you feel you need to get away from and find safety.... thankyou for commenting sweetie, try to have sweet dreams:)

Most of my dreams involve "dead people" walking. Not your usual zombie more like severally mentally impaired people. They are usually aggressive, destroying things and trying to hurt normal people. I am always running away from them. Trying to get to a place of safety. Sometimes I have to fight with either guns, bats, knives, ect to get through them. Being having these types of dreams for about 25 years. Also get night terrors when I am stressed out, usually involving spiders dropping down on me or climbing out of the walls, usually so vivid that I get out of bed and switch on the lights convinced that I am going to find it there.

wow, keep her close to you, and if anything ever heaven forbid does happen I know you will do anythig in your power to protect her and get her out....maybe it's a fear you have of losing your mom that is causeing your dreams, *HUGS*

Thing is this is the fourth dream I've ever had pertaining to this kind of catastrophe. The first time also involved her, but everything was too bright and pale-looking. I can remember the screams, I can remember running from something I tried to see but couldn't. And I can still feel the heat sometimes from the explosion,and the force that knocked me back.

Oh L I hope it never does either, to have to sacrifice yourself for the ones's you love is huge and it shows how great you love your mother to put yourself in her position...It's amazing how vivid dreams can be and even scarier when they do come true whether they are good or bad:)

I had a dream where the world was ending. I could hear the air raid sirens as we found out Atlanta, Georgia was struck by a thermonuclear device. Then the sirens got closer. So close I thought they were right outside our house. The next target was New Orleans. Me and my family got as much as we could packed and then made our way to the nearest safe zone. only problem was our car gave out on us. Then this portly yet kind and elegant black woman wearing this gold outfit said she would take us to a safe place. We all packed ourselves into this old truck with a bronze-gold like color to it. But we found out one of us had to stay behind. We all argued, until our mother said she would stay. I remember this part the most because of how much it hurt me to see her fade in the distance. She looked beautiful, her face done up in male-up that accentuated her beauty, her hair but up in a bun crowned with a red ribbon. She wore this cream and red colored outfit with red high heels. She smiled at me, but I could see she was sad that we had to part ways like this. I woke up soon after, tears in my eyes.<br />
<br />
I pray that this will never come to pass, and if it did, I've sworn to make sure she take my place on the passage.

so true. It's such a relief to know that. hugs Bella ! ;-)

awwww sweetie pie thankyou for taking the time to read it, I wanted you too bewcause of our convo:) never alone love:)

I have chills and you know why from our private conversations. This touched my heart, Bella-- and thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of us.

Dreams are an interesting topic. They are very subjective experiences. I certainly believe that they can be a gateway to both prophecy and healing. I believe that in dreaming we tap into the collective human unconscious; and we can receive visions of the future. I always found this rather interesting, but I have only had one dream that I can recall that actually came true (it was a plane crash). I remember one that I had a long time ago that helped me get over my ex fiancé, where I dreamt she wanted me back ,and in doing so I realized I didn’t want her back at all. It was a great healing dream, as the moment I woke up I extinguished the torch I bore in her name. But most of the time I just like to dream, I have tried lucid dreaming but rarely succeed, mostly I just try to pay attention and see where my subconscious leads.