What Dreams Are Made Of?

S everal years ago a tragic & traumatic incident happened that replayed in my head for years.

For a few years after the incident, I had very vivid, and violent dreams which woke me every few days, I'm not violent at all in person & am what friends describe me as mellow. The dreams were very powerful & detailed, I would remember numbers, addresses, names, locations etc.

I was quite concerned & also fascinated so whenever I woke from one of the dreams I jumped on the computer, recorded the time and started touch typing with my eyes closed as I found I could recall much more detail & it seemed to persist in my memory for longer. I know it sounds kind of freaky picturing me doing it but I was trying to find answers.

I often typed for 5-10 minutes and recorded the time I finished writing & would read it back later. I usually lost most details of the dreams after the 5-10 minutes from when being woken

I've often tried to explore why I had such dreams, where they stem from & I've observed that during tumultuous periods in my life I would have them. Also when I stayed up until 3-5am (when I studied and didn't work) and slept I would have them more often. My dreams are often violent because I'm defending someone, usually a family member. The chemistry, and balance in my brain doesn't quite feel right when I go through periods of these nightmares. Almost as if it was dehydrated, a little like waking up the day after some drinks. It always has been interesting trying to sort of, pin point why & when my dreams happen. I don't do any drugs, nor smoke, however I do enjoy a drink with friends so I know it's not my abuse of anything.

The past year has been good for me & others around me, things have been well & the dreams have ceased. I still dream of course but they don't concern me like they once did, I still do get an occasional dream I wish I woke up to record, they would make great movies or stories sometimes I think! My vivid dreams usually occur in the 3-5 hour period after I fall asleep.

Also what's interesting is I don't say much in person but my brain's always working, in my dreams it feels like it's also working logically & analytically. Some dreams I have involve me doing nothing physically, but I'm working out a problem or solution to something in my head, and it's almost as if it was a lucid dream. On rare occasions I have woken up knowing the answer to something I dreamt up which is really cool.

Dreams are fascinating however, I think they're a powerful outlet for our brain.

Sorry about this muddled story I'm sharing, not very logical indeed. I just woke up & haven't had a bite or my cuppa tea :)
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Jul 28, 2007