I Was a Ghost

In the dream I'm driving down this road with forest on either side. Everything seemed to have a tint of gray to it, the sky and the trees - everything, it feels like its fall or begining of winter. All of a sudden I start to slide down in my seat and I can't move, the car started drifting to the right - I don't think I was driving that fast anyway and then I "blacked out".

When I came to the car is stopped and my door is wide open. I get out and wonder what happened and I am thankful I didn't crash or get hurt. I walk past the car and catch my reflection in the car window. What I see in the window is not me, I am a white female with short blond hair and hazel eyes. I touch my face to see if it is really me and it is. I do not look like that in real life, I am the complete opposite.

I look down and see that I have no shoes on and I am wearing a white linen gown. I start walking in front of the car to try to find a store so I could call someone to help me. When I start walking away I hear a car and see a police car pull behind my car. I start to walk back thinking "Im so lucky". The officer gets out and is looking at my car and writing down the tags and I yell "I'm sure glad you came, I didn't want to have to walk all that way for help".

  I reach him and say again "I'm sure glad you're here, I don't know what happened - I think I fainted or something". He doesn't acknoweldge me all the while he is looking through my car. He starts to talk into his radio and says that he found an abandoned car with the door ajar. I say "What are you talking about, I'm right here?". He doesn't acknowlegde me again, this time I am mad and I try to grab his shoulder to get his attention and my hand goes right through him. I try to grab him again and it just goes right through him, I try to open the car door and it just goes right through.

At this point I realized I must have died, and now I am worried about where is my body. I think I'm still here so my body has to be near, I start running ahead looking in the woods and not to far up ahead I see a body behind a fallen tree in the woods. I walk up to the body and it is me, just as I looked in the reflection wearing the same white linen gown. I run back to the road screaming "I'm over here!", but I realize the officer is not going to hear me.

I run back to where he is and start to worry how I am going to get this guy to find me up ahead. I just start yelling in his ear "I'm up the road to the right in the woods, walk up  there you'll find me" I keep saying this, yelling in his ear and another police car pulls up and he tells one of them to come with him so they can look up the road and I am relieved and then I wake up.

SukYoung SukYoung
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1 Response Feb 9, 2009

Sounds like a good basis for your classic ghost story - you should try expanding into a short story, see how your concious mind thinks it should end!