Billion Dollar Bullion

 I had this wicked dream last night & it ran almost like an Indiana Jones film.
It starts off with me meeting a group of people who also have "Billion Dollar Bullion" statuettes. Over-sided, crudely moulded pure gold bars with Aztec-ish designs on. Using the clues in the design we've managed to find this site, which was under a large city centre fashion store. We dug up other statuettes that match ours & figure out that combined they open a gate to a priceless treasure - possibly the gold of El Dorado (which is why the statuettes are called the Billion Dollar Bullion).

However, before we can do anything, some mystery agency has discovered what we have, and put stupidly huge bounties on our heads & plastered our faces all the media for our capture or information on our where-abouts. As we need to get our original statuettes before we can get the gate to work, we agree to meet up in the penthouse of a large hotel, and split up. We raid the fashion store for disguises & put our (heavy) statuettes into gift bags & try to sneak away.

Alone, I only get so far before one of the shadowy agent mercenaries spots me, and notices that my "gift bag" is too heavy to swing - so he correctly guesses that I have the gold in there & chases after me. In the commotion I get everyone's attention, so they recognise me & I'm chased by a crowd into a public toilet. Panicking, I try to escape out the window, and discover that the statuette is magically - I can float. We a lot of effort - like swimming against a strong current, I can move with a bit of speed. When I get high enough, I can drift along with the wind. I hide behind some clouds & plan how to get home to retrieve my statuette.

I get home & its a crumbling mansion surrounded by ruins, which is swamped with treasure seekers. Fortunately I find my little kid sister (which I don't actually have in real life), and I ask her where is the wool scarf is that I gave her. (Which I have hidden the statuette in). She takes me to an abandoned attic in one of the ruins, and gives me the statuette, then tearfully tells me that the scarf is ruined. I tell her that I'll buy her a new one, and give her a passkey for the hotel I'm going to & tell her to get our (older) brother & bring him there.

As I'm leaving via the ruins I run into my brother (who doesn't resemble any of my real brothers), who is mad that I've been holding out on him, & has decided to haul me in for the reward. We fight and as I'm about to float off, I finally convince him that I wasn't forgetting about him or our sister - that he should meet me at the hotel, and she has the pass.

So I float off & make it too the hotel, only to find out one of the group has been killed, and the agency has his statuettes.

Sadly, before this dream could finish, my alarm went off & I woke up :( Though it was such an elaborate dream that I still really enjoyed it, despite there being no ending.


MadaManga MadaManga
22-25, F
Feb 12, 2009