Swim to India From Arizona

I had one just last night--I love these dreams where it's like a freakin' movie!!!  They're like watching television for anywhere between 30 minutes to 4 hours and having a blast while doing it...Of course, I had 2 doses of weed, 2 beers, and was unbelievably horny last night so that probably had A LOT of influence...  :)

Anyways, yeah, so my dad had to get down to Buckeye, AZ and he and my mom and I are all looking at this map and it says we can take Central Ave. down or get on the I-10 and go down there.  So, my mom and dad argue cuz he thinks you have to go north for Buckeye, when really you DO have to go south.  I said, well okay, if you don't wanna go, I'll go.  So I hop in my pickup (alone) and instead of going straight ahead to Central Ave. I turn my dumb *** around and go to the I-10--I dunno why, but I did and got on this long winding on-ramp...I realized 2 cars were coming at me and I was like, they're going the wrong way.  The traffic ahead of me stops and the police are telling people they have to turn around and head back because there's a situation ahead. It's a WIDE on-ramp so I turn around along with everybody else but we can't move because it's jammed, so people and I get out of our vehicles and (suddenly, somehow) we're on this level like platform with low walls about thigh-high.  Then, some guys in all black with ski-masks come up from stairs just about a few yards away from us and they're shooting at us all.  They've got AK-47s and M4s and they LOOK like SWAT, but they have nothing to identify themselves, so they're freakin' terrorists.  Suddenly, I have this Uzi in my hand and the young guy ducked down behind the wall with me is a newspaper reporter and neither of us knew who those guys were so he takes the Uzi and starts shooting at them, trying to figure out if they're SWAT or terrorists (idk how that would help determine who they were :/).  But then people start rushing the men and I didn't wanna stay and get shot so I ran with everybody and down the stairs and lo and behold it's a f*ckin' ocean RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF AZ!!!  I cannot swim, people, okay?  So I said to some people, I can't swim, how am I supposed to swim??  I panicked and figured I'd jump in with some other people so that if I went down I'd have somebody to grab and pull me up.  No. I jumped, and people were shoving me off because I guess I was pulling them down.  I practically drowned, no joke.  I couldn't breathe and I could feel some water start filling my lungs.  I blacked out and 2 people had a hold of me and kept my face above water, but I still like blacked out.

When I came to, WE HAD SWAM ALL THE WAY TO INDIA!!!! Holy crap, I said, how the hell did we get here?? I was naked and the man and woman I was with were butt-naked, too.  The ocean had taken our clothes, I guess and we went in this house and snuck past the kitchen doorway where the husband and wife who owned the house were talking.  We needed clothes so we made it out the front door and there was a pile of blankets and I grabbed the green one on top and started running.  Over there, I'm not sure it's true, but you get your f*ckin' hand chopped off if you get caught stealing.  Well, there were a couple yard workers and they saw me snag the blanket and these guys had machetes!!  Oh ****, I took off running, left the yard (I think I had socks on), and ran into this Indian guy with a big head and whose right eye was rolling around in his head; his left one was fine.  He said I had to give the blanket back.  I dunno if I did, but then I had clothes on and had to figure out where the airport was to fly home to the States.  The journey to find the airport of course was NOT easy. And this is the bad part: I can't remember the meaty part of the story!!!  It was so much traveling...I can't recall any happenings except for me getting in my truck (in India?) and driving and having to do a bunch of things.

So ultimately I end up "home", but I'm like at a mall setting outside and walking towards an Arby's with my 3 managers from my work at a shoe store.  They were discussing the name of the newest store just off the I-17 and Greenway.  It actually a a NAME my head manager said.  Our stores have numbers of course and kinda have names depending on the mall they're in.  But My head manager went around a corner somewhere and came back to us and told us that the name of the new store on Greenway was called 'California State University'...

I don't know anybody (not too personally) in California, let alone at a university there...

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Lol--i'm usually more awake the morning after one of these. because even though they get scary as hell sometimes, it's always fun!! lol

Wow- that is a VIVID dream!! See - I have very VERY vivid dreams, but luckily, not every night. I can't deal with this - it IS like watching a movie, but when these dreams happen, I am twice as tired when I wake up. thanks for sharing this dream!!