Last night I dreamt that I was home alone packing for a trip, and I saw that somehow there was a black dress hanging from the chandelier... I took it down and packed it into my suitcase. I didn't think much of it, as I assumed that it had been hung up by a member of my family before they had left, perhaps to keep it from getting too wrinkled. I left the room to grab something, and when I came back into the room with the chandelier, there it was again, hanging from the chandelier. Once again I packed it into my suitcase, and even put another suitcase on top of that one, and yet it still managed to be hanging from the chandelier when I came into the room a third time. This process repeated itself several times; the dress would be packed one moment, and hanging by itself the next. There was no one in the house, so it was somehow managing to make it's way onto the chandelier by it's self. I remember feeling very frightened at this point and I was very concerned that something supernatural was happening.

Any interpretations as to what this dream could mean?
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It sounds like there might be something that you're forgetting, forgot or have misplaced is important, or of value to your life. It was above your head, so its always on top of you, but you never see it (until you looked up) and every time you tried to brush it off, or try and solve it, it just came back to the begging. So in order for it to finally settle whatever it is, you must find out what is the root of the cause, and make sure it is truly solved.

That's only one theory however, I don't know who you are or what you do

seriously, that's a really good interpretation of the dream. I was gong to dive in and say something similar. thankfully, I read your reply first lol