Thought you's might like to hear my dream it's quiet interesting and could definitely be a film So me and my sister Sarah were videoing wild life for her coursework of some sort in like a forest kind of place but in the distance there was like a petrol station anyway we had been there for aw few minutes when 4 guys dressed in like overalls with blue shirts came over picked Sarah up by her pants 2 of them started carrying her back to the petrol station I was left with the other 2 one of them was massive like real muscley other was small and black I was putting up a struggle obvs they can't lift me up like that I'm loads fatter than Sarah anyway the white one went to go punch me In the face to knock me out so they could get me to the petrol station quietly I was like please don't punch me in the face you'll ruin my nose eh he did anyway I woke up in this square room dressed in like just a long top no underwear or anything I could hear one of them in the other room raping a random the room had like a one way mirror but round the side if it was closed off with wood so I stood against that facing the door trying to use my phone I had hiden in the side of my knickers to phone the police but as I was about to do this one of the guys came opened the door and said come on so he left I followed like 5 minutes later I got to the room they wanted me to go in there was that hench white one lay pretty much naked on like a table bed and the black guy was stood talking to me they couldn't see me at the door so I kind of thought ah **** it and made a run for it I got to a white van that was parked near the petrol pumps then out of no where one of the white guys who was with them got in the van started it up and told me too get in so I did he closed the door and started to drive off then 3 other girls and another one of the guys that worked there came out chasing the van screaming let us in we were driving through this foresty place as we were driving the 3 girls and guy couldn't catch up so they cut through the grass so they could catch us at a turn we quickly stopped to let them In but then we noticed 3 cars driving up to where we were so we all got out of the van the guy who saved me pulled out a gun from the back of the van behind us there was like a lake and on the otherside it was afew miles of grass then a road so we all jumped in the lake and swam to the other side the guy was forced to go before one of the rape victims she said she didn't value her life as much so he gave her the gun to hold till he got to the other side we were all on the other side apart from her the cars came speeding up to where we got out the van she quickly jumped in the lake while holding the gun we pulled her up from the other side but the 3 other men were right behind her as the first one got out the water I grabbed the gun and shot him in the chest the second guy came running at me he also had a gun but I thought **** it and put afew bullets in him and the 3rd guy was hiding in like a bush thing I had the perfect head shot aswell but I had no bullets left so we all kind of started to run through the grass he followed guy we was with stopped to punch him right in the face he fell like a sack of spuds and the end of my dream was us getting excited as we saw the road 🙌😂
DemiendoImaginations DemiendoImaginations
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2014