My teeth fall out in every single one
cassieeeeeeeeee cassieeeeeeeeee
18-21, F
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Thats cause you feel old xD

I have had this dream a lot. In several of them the teeth were running away from me.

I've had this dream too.

I've had a dream similar. Instead, i was grinding my teeth so hard that my teeth were ripping out. I had that dream for 3 months. Normally it means you are anxious about something

That's what it's usually like. It's so vivid and Theres so much blood omg

I know what you mean. In my dream I did not stop grinding. I would put my hands in my mouth to separate my top and bottom row of teeth but I would still grind through my skin. Very vivid painful dream. Honestly there must be something that is making you anxious. I figured it out and my dreams stopped

It's so bad! I wake up grabbing my face and cringing. I have no idea what i'd be anxious about!

I hate those dreams, I wake up with my heart pounding and feeling for my teeth.