Soundless Dreams???

I have very vivid dreams, HD images, but I don't think sound plays an important role in it, though I am not shure... Do you hear music in your dreams?

pauwel pauwel
31-35, M
3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

mm maybe not music...sometimes. but mostly just people/things talking ^^"

Thats a good question. I will pay attention next time....

I have heard music in my dreams many times. It always sounds beautiful, but I seem to forget it soon after I wake up. There was one time when I was having a dream that was like a surreal animation movie about a story of a woman who regretted turning down what could have been the love of her life. There was a song playing throughout and it was dreamy sounding folky music with a female voice. That one time, I remembered some of what it sounded like and even the lyrics, which I wrote down.