My dreams are so vivid I thought what if some of us break the thresholds between our reality and parallel universes when we sleep? Some things are honestly way too real in my dreams. What if we check in on our other counterparts while we are asleep?
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I believe there is another realm and our dreams are a conduit. no one has ever mastered the subconscious to the point of manipulation but I think dreams offer a peek into the actual world that exists all around us yet we can't see while awake.

I can relate I agree 100% I have dreams sometimes that I absolutely know are real in some way. I don't think every dream is like this but I do feel feel meaning can be found in any dream and many dreams are messages from our subconscious which should be listened to.

Yes! There is only a limited number of dreams that I am so sure are real. But I think that sometimes trying to find meaning in every dream can actually cause more problems than it solves because we don't necessarily understand our subconscious.

I once thought id been attacked by a skeleton in the night and my dad fought it with a springy bike lock, i don't think that happened in a parallel universe do u? Lol

Haha maybe

Well... Could be a grizzley teddy bear

Haha cool

Our brains aren't using full capacity. We can do more than you can imagine

Exactly! It has to be possible.

Try pushing your arm through a wall first ok. That is possible.

I think I'm good, haha.

You mean go into other versions of us dreams? That's like super inception.