I constantly have vivid nightmares, I do have PTSD, but I've had the nightmares since I was a child, they're just more frequent now. My nightmares usually involved a zombie apocalypse and they are so terrifying, gory, and personal (like watching my loved ones be eaten and infected) that it usually takes me a half an hour and several cigarettes to relax, even though I know it was just a bad dream. I'll wake up sweating and shaking and absolutely terrified.
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Try meditating or praying before you sleep. Try relax fully before you sleep as well by doing something you enjoy and that relaxes you e.g. Herbal tea, reading a book etc.
try to calm your mind and clear it of any stresses of the day and fill it with happy thoughts and begin to stretch your body, all your limbs as far out as possible.
This could help