Walking Talking Whale In a River

Its the wierdest thing.  In my dream I took my children to the lake for a fishing trip.  We got in a boat and I wanted to show the children  how to use their blue nets.  I cast my blue net into the water and caught four fish at once.  I caught (get this) four fish at once.  The strange part about it is the fish were attempting to swallow each other.  So each one were kind of stacked inside the mouth of the other four.  

Each were different colors, the one on the end was grey, it was eating an orange fish.  The orange fish was eating a black fish. Then there was the miniature hammer head, it was facing the opposite direction eating the other three fish.

Well, I made an attempt to put the fish in the cooler and the hammer head got away.  I became afraid because the boat was filling with water.  I quickly made my way to the shore and we got out taking the cooler with us.

The lake was located next to a swimming pool that had a very wide concrete sidewalk seperating it from the lake.  Next to the swimming pool was a wooded area.  Which is where I saw my ex husband.  He gave me some type of electrical device that I toss into the lake and the fish are electrocuted.  We were standing next to a fishing supply stand (which I'm assuming is where my ex bought this gadget).  There was another guy there who purchased the same thing.  He moved quickly to go and try it out.  I was not really sure how it should be used so I decided to watch him. 

It was then that a gate was raised and whales made their entrance into the lake.  Yeah I know its Stupid to imagine a whale in a lake but....I don't control these things.  So the guy decides he wants to shock the whale.  The whale began yelling telling him he'd better stop.  The guy shouts back saying in a very sarcastic tone "You can't stop me, what are you going to do come out of the water?"  And thats just what the whale did.  He stood upright like a human.  He chased the man down.  I ran off and hid in the woods.  I heard the man screaming and saw people running in every direction.


Whew! What a dream.

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

weird really. I wish I understood its meaning.

wow, awesome dream