I Don't Think They Know!!!!!!!

It's been 2yrs for me,it started after the Flu, I've been told Meniere’s Disease 2 yrs ago.
2 different things just in the last 2 wks from VM to Vestibular Schwannoma,cause of the growth they see on the nerve on my left side inner ear.
The ENT says it's not that bad the Neuro says its the problem, the PT says Oh it's just VM new Meds will help the vertigo. And by the way come back in 6 mths to redo MRI's to ck the growth again (But Its`Not That Bad)!!!!!!!!! I don't think that really know,In the words of the the PT its Trial & Errors can you say GINNIE PIGS!!!!!!!!!
skipu2 skipu2
Sep 10, 2012