Extreme Motion Sensitivity

OFor many years i live in a state of floating.  When I wake up in the morning my head fills great pressure, this usually gets better.  I will continue to feel dizzy in a floaty way for days, months and even years.  When it lasts a long time I do get nauseous but never throw up.  I have given up caffeine and other triggers but to no avail.  I have been to Emory Medical Balance and Dizziness clinic and had  many tests and the rehab therapy.  What seems ??????

to maybe help has been to take Singular and Zyrtec at night.  It also makes it worse to go shopping and work on the computer.  Great sensitivity to motion.  Let me hear from anyone who has similar problems.

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66-70, F
3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

You just described i life now,along with a growth on the nerve in my left inner ear. I don't know what to do.

I feel like I'm on an uneven floor, all the time! I've been diagnosed with Vestibular Migraines, but the medications have too many side effects! I'm going to go to one more neurologist!

Have you tried a beta blocker? I also have vestibular migraines and I take a beta blocker. Am and Pm to help me walk like I am not drunk! I am being treated at Duke University by a Dr. that specializes in vestibular migraines! I get Botox every three months, I am not really sure if it helps that much but the latest studies say it does! The worst for me is the motion sickness, if I try to move around a lot I get motion sick. Going in stores usually makes me feel off balance! Some days are better than others but I have had this for two and a half years! I wish there was a support group in Charlotte, NC where I live.

Have you found any help? I was just googling and came across your post. "wantofftheboat" is exactly how I explain how I feel to other people. I live in NC and have been to Chapel Hill and Duke and have gotten nowhere. I'd love to hear more about anything that you have found to help you out! Thanks!!!!

I too have your problem. The Electric Stem Pro Plus has been of real help. It has no drug interaction and can be used as often as neede. Been in the UK for years, but is now available state side. Good luck.