Why I Created This Group

Rape is every woman's worst nightmare, and this is understandably so. 33% of females of ALL ages will be raped in their life time. 25% of women will be raped before college graduation. For me, this didn't develop over night. My anxieties teetered over with time, as I continued to read articles about rape. In New York early 2000's a Hispanic parade resulted in mass gang rapes against women of all ages. There was even a French couple, of whom the man was separated and held down while his wife was gang raped. That was the first time the reality of rape had set in for me. I was 8 years old.
It developed into a fascination with the male need to exert control, and I watched shows like SVU with an increasing interest. Somewhere the blurs lined, and fascination grew into obsession and eventually fear.
I learned more about this form of social dominance through the stories of women in Sudan who were gang-raped with machetes and in front of their husbands, fathers, mothers, aunts, friends, siblings, or children. I learned of the international prostitution ring and the high American demand for sex slaves. I learned about how cops are the most common users of illegal prostitutes.
All of this made me realize what little voices women have in the sexual society--- how easily our society turns a blind eye to street harassment, sexual harassment, or rape. How no one is willing to admit this aspect of the Great American society because it is an inherently complex and vulgar form of violation. It made me feel so small and ignored. At a certain point I was stricken with fear, wondering when it would happen. Would I call the police? Would I rise from it?

No more.

I created this group because the moment you admit you have this, the moment you can breath. And it does get better. My anxiety has certainly lowered through by telling myself that although it can happen, I can't allow this possibility to stricken my ability to live a full life.

Don't be afraid to talk about this. You're not alone.
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2 Responses Apr 30, 2011

I realised recently that I have Virginitiphobia and I'm really shocked at how little acknowledgement there is of the phobia. Considering how prevalent rape is, I can't imagine it's a rare thing for people to fear. This group is the only group I've found so far that focuses on it.

Serious matter that deserves more attention.