Want To Learn About "energy's"?

Energy is inside everything its inside trees clothing objects even books. How: Because anything you or others lay there hands on that energy goes into it no matter what it may be. You can use energy to make protection barriers around your room your house objects even a bottle depending on the barrier your wanting and if you know how to do it correctly. But the problem with many people is when there wanting to protected a home they do it wrong that's why you need to understand energy's before you do anything or it wont work. You ever wonder how spirits come around with clothing think about it and im sure you'll start getting the idea about energy more and more i cant cant explain everything but i can this much. Sounds crazy? Yes it does even i understand that but i know this by experiences. Wanting to learn how to use your energy's?: Mail me and ask what you need. but if i help you what you do and how you do it is your problem so pay attention to what i say and i worn you not to take anything as a game.
Stormwind2 Stormwind2
18-21, F
Jun 16, 2012