Live With It Or Try To Live

hi to all .well im now 41 years old my srorry began when i was 35 years old i was okey ,one day my friend came to see me for a coffe ,and he saw a small patches in my neck ,he said to me that i didnt see them you know always same skin but i went to the mirror to see that and it was true after that i chek my hands thre is white paches i went to a doctor to chek myself about this it was new for me
i was scared because i dont know wat it is .and the doctor told me about this desease he gave me somme 2 medical cream to try them and come back in 3 month i try them but no result ,i became quite stressed got nervous quick dont know what to do .i live my life and try to forget about it because there is some people are worst than me ,i thank god for that .xxred
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Has anyone tried autologous melanocyte transfer treatment? It looks quite radical (ie. quite new, I don't mean dangerous), but I haven't yet met anyone who has experienced it. If anyone has, I'd love to hear your experiences.