Self-confidence Is The Only Thing I Need!!!

hi name is jaishree garg.I'm from India.I'm doing my undergrad in tourism studies.Well I have vitiligo from past 8 YRS NOW.I have taken many treatments,travelled all around India but nothing really made the white spots leave my skin.Many a times I sit and cry thinking that things would change completely in my life once these spots come on my hand or face..I have them on my legs so I can cover them.But I think i'm developing a white spot under my eye lid..I'm confused if its just a normal white spot or vitiligo..i consulted my doctor before a month,it was lighter that time so he said it doesnt look like vitiligo but now it has become little darker and has become a major reason for my worry.I cant find a treatment that would actually help me.If nothing elseall I wish for is self confidence to walk out with these spots..jus dono hw to build it!!:-(:-(
jaishree jaishree
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Hi, I have friend who got the mediin from Kerala and he is mach better naw. Hes wite sport are gone for one year more than 50%. You are from India, sow how come you dont know about that medicin. I wish you go to Kerala and make your test with a doctor and get best help.

hello jaishree , i am also vitiligo patient in india.but you dont worry ,here is a great doctor at guntur dist.his clinc is ratnaji skin care hospital and doctor name is srinath, he just apply some ointment at white patchs and he take a injection needle and touch that needle at that patches place and it some little pain. this treatment was taken four times per month,better result also visible at minimum two months,our skin slowly appears normal colour.its true,he do reasearchs at vitligo patients in white patches also slowly appeared normal cell no 9000971028and 8008149191. once you contact this doctor and give better treatment to you as my knowledge.all the best to my friend.

I know exactly how you feel and i felt like you did the first year i found out i had it. Self confidence doesnt just come it took me realizing that i was letting vitiligo change me when all along i was still me. Once that happened it didnt matter to me if i was one color or two because some that the vitiligo can never change is who I am deep down inside. I really hope one day you to can get that confidence to let your wonderful self shine. You just got to be willing to let go of what others think just know that you will always be you. Good luck!

Hi Jaishree, whilst I don't have vitiligo (I am researching it for my work) I do have severe facial scarring from teenage acne, so I do relate to what you're saying you have experienced and needing to find self confidence when living with it. There are quite a few new medical treatments out there but some are really very new. In my opinion that doesn't mean they cannot be taken seriously, but it does mean you need to be cautious and ask lots of questions of each medical director, before making any commitment. Hang in there!

Hi, i understad you completly, just feel like you are not alone and try no to think about it, its hard i know but there is always a way to recover the color of our skin, i just found a diet on this page and im starting it first thing tommorrow, you just keep going forward and even if we are 1% on the world we are not alone, cheer up!