Hair Dye Can Cause Vitiligo

Hi everybody :) This is a wonderful outlet, thankyou for creating it. Well I have had vitiligo for 2 years now. I started losing pigment on my fingers, then legs and feet. I found out my vit is actually chemical leukoderma..there is nothing to distinguish them- they present the same. I had dyed my hair, and applied a little excess to my arm hair to lighten it as well. A month later is when I started losing pigment. This is because the phenol chemical PPD in almost all hair dyes can cause vitiligo if absorbed by the skin. It doesn't say that on the box, and I'm thinking about suing the company. You can find PPD(the abbreviated initials) in clothing and textile dyes, eye & ear drops, cosmetics, and fragrances as well as hair dye. It is a derivative of coal tar dyes. I believe this is why we are seeing a rise in incidence. In fact yesterday I wrote a letter to president Obama voicing my concerns. I have seen 2 dermatologist who basically gave me steroid cream. It did not work. I want to heal myself naturally and recently read about piperine..the active agent in black pepper. Gonna look into it. I want everyone to know you are not are amazing. Don't let this hold you back in life. If I figure out a cure, you will be the first to know!!! Much Love...
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I was diagnosed with vitiligo last year and suspected on hair dye. Too many reports on vitiligo and phenols. Creams have helped patches on my face look less noticeable. Feel free to share.

Thank you so much

I started using hair dye for the last 14 months or so and recently started seeing skin discoloration along my hair line. Doctor told me this could be Vitiligo but we started realizing that the discoloration is happening only along the hair line hence I started researching around hair dye reactions and landed on this page.

I also feel that hair dying is what is causing these discoloration on my skin too.

Did you find any treatment for this? Doctor gave me some steriod cream and I started applying it on my skin for the last week or so. But was curious and eager if you found any other definite treatment for this? Thank you.

I have vitiligo since last 13 yrs, tried many medicines. It slowed down the spreading, but my existing spots are still there like in hands back, feet, lips. I used a medicine named "lukoskin." this medicine claims to cure within 300-400 days of treatment, but there are a lot of dietary restrictions, but when we want to get rid of this terrible thing, diet should not be a constraint. This didnt work for me. A friend that i found in a vitiligo forum told me about a natural treatment that worked for him. So, i started that treatment and guess what? I cured in 2 and 1/2 month. The best of this treatment is that is 100% natural. Check it in here:

You should be ashamed of yourself. Using people insecurities on such a crushing social debilitating condition to just sell something you know in your heart is bull.

I started to get vitiligo when I was three years old and I have had it for 40 years now. My mother never died my hair when I was little, so I really don't think that's what's causing it and I didn't start dying my hair until my thirties. It is hereditary and it may have been laying dormant within you. I don't know of any self remedies that will help and I can only suggest, if it's really bothering anyone, to go the their dermatologist. I did notice that with each of my pregnancies, some of my color came back. I have learned to accept it and I think I look pretty good and most of all I thank God I'm alive. Also, I've been told by many people that angels touched me while in my mothers' womb

Beautiful :)

Amen. God is Good

Florence - please go to the Dermabest website. I have had vitiligo for years and have regained about 80% of my pigment using Novitil. (slow process but worth it) Just recently I started dyeing my hair and have noticed some vit returning - must be the hair dye, and will quick using it. Just read the label on the dye and it does have hydrogen peroxide in it which is NOT good for anyone with vitiligo. Novitil is a natural product made in Canada. - Sue

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If your self tanner contained benzyl alcohol, or sunscreen (oxybenzone)..I'm afraid that may have caused it to spread. Both chemicals are another name for PHENOL, our arch enemy. It's easily absorbed into the skin and bloodstream. Be sure to read ingredient labels. I also recommend anyone with this condition google BANDROWSKI'S ba<x>se. It's the chemical that forms when PPD and hydrogen peroxide are mixed together in hair dye. It is HIGHLY TOXIC and should never come into contact with skin or scalp. As far as green tea is concerned, everything I've read seems positive. Good luck! If anyone can add to what I've learned please don't be afraid to post it here. <br />
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We must pool our knowledge!

Heyy ,, im not good in english ,, i have vitligo since i was 6 or 7 yrs,,and till 20 yrs didnt speard but befor 4 years i started to see a new white speard on my skin ,, i dont know the reson but i begin to drink a green tea and use the self tanning creams(loreal ) , do you think is the green tea or the tanning creams

Thank you for the insight.<br />
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Vitiligo runs in my father's family and I first got it 32 years ago, as a result of a chemical imbalance after giving birth to my daughter. However, I started coloring my hair about the same time, it may have triggered the disease???<br />
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Nonetheless, as a bank professional, I continue to look for a cure and the closest experience is the UVB Puva Lamp in conjunction with various cortisone creams. It works, but only temporary (about a year), which is good enough for me.<br />
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Last, but not least, I opt for the self tanners. Of course, if some people were not so rude by starring or making unwelcomed comments about the discoloration, I probably wouldn't try so hard to comouflage my skin.<br />
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Well, I hope more people learn about the numerous factors that can trigger this incurable disease.<br />
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Hi, I don't think my vitilligo is from hair dye but rather the sun, it's funny I thought I was the only silly person who applied hair dye to arms but mine were permenent hair dye with hydrogen peroxide. And at times I would put just the hair dye it' self. Thanks for sharing, mine got worst cuz of the sun it spread so fast during last summer.

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Yes I agree, at least it's not painful nor terminal. Our exposure to petrochemicals is definately responsible though. Phenol is also called benzene, and carbolic acid. It is dose dependent, meaning amount and number of uses will determine the effect on cells. Basically industry has taken toxic waste from oil, coal, and natural gas refineries and put it in our cosmetics, personal care items, food and drink (mainly as artificial dyes and so-called preservatives), cleaning products, medication and injections, etc....etc. Our bodies were not meant to metabolize coal and oil- I mean seriously..what nimrod came up with this idea?<br />
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Example # 1. Sunscreen- main ingredient oxyBENZone...this petrochemical not only doesn't protect you from the sun's damaging rays, it can cause skin, this was invented by Nazi loving Eugene Schueller too..( I think I see a pattern)<br />
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Example # 2. Deodorant- main ingredient is propylene glycol...this nice petrochemical starves cells of oxygen. How thoughtful of them to add aluminum to this utter crap.<br />
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Absorption of petrochemicals through skin or digestion is the root cause of autoimmune diseases and nice of industry- 2 for 1. When the body's DNA is mutated by these chemicals (because they mimic natural enzymes) they are perceived as foreign, so the body attacks it...hence autoimmunity. When cells are starved of oxygen and lose electrons (because the chemicals steal them) ta..da! Cancer. <br />
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We can do more to protect ourselves reading labels, and eating less processed food. The government isn't protecting us...we have to make informed choices. We must take our health into our own hands- industry (including a lot of the current health industry) are simply out to make money. Sad but true. So here's to better health...;-) <br />
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(And avoid chemical-ba<x>sed sunscreens)

I've had vitilligo for yr it spread thru my body so fast, my great granpa had it, bt I think the hair dyes effected me in some ways cuz I color my hairs burnett to blond sometimes, I always color my hairs right after a see fades of my shades cuz it's not helpful to go dark brown which is my natural hair color. what I'm saying is hair dyes have some effect to certain extent and for me you can blame it on genetic bt the chemicals definetly caused somethin. I'm glad it wasn't painful thing, I usually wore outfits tht covered my body, long sleeves and no capris, cuz I didn't want ppl to comment bout my skin condition or avoid me, bt I'm very thankful to God he eased my pain

Omg, just found out the inventor of hair dye was a Nazi supporter! WTH! His name was Eugene Schueller and he started the company L'oreal. He started up the company in a house stolen from a Jewish family, and used the proceeds of hair dye sales to fund the Nazi party! No wonder hair dye has all these ill effects...he probably intended it to. This world never ceases to amaze me...from vitiligo to Nazis. Does anybody else know about this?! I personally am shocked and appalled. I need to tell Beyonce, clearly she doesn't know.

....and I'm just the mutant to start one! haha...;)

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Unfortunately we were kept in the dark about the toxic effects of these chemicals. They tell you to use gloves, yet allow you to douse your scalp with it! Therefore you rationalize it must be safe! The combo of PPD and hydrogen peroxide are anything but! I'm gonna give you a brief synopsis of what happened here in the US regarding the safety of hair dyes..(hope you don't mind :) Back in the 70's hair dye was determined tobe mutagenic and carcinogenic by the FDA. Animal studies found these chemicals if absorbed long enough caused depigmentation, lymphoma, liver disease and bladder cancer...scarey right? Well the hair dye companies and their corporate greed were not happy with the findings and put pressure on the FDA. The dye companies wanted to do their own "scientific" studies. The FDA relented and made hair dye and other coal tar dyes EXEMPT from regulation! Crazy right?! Well the general population does not know this! We assume it's safe! We get acquired autoimmune diseases...while the hair dye companies get billions of dollars a year. I believe it's time for a revolution...a serious revolution....

Hi i have vitiligo too and am<br />
Sure its down to my hairdressing days,applying and washing off bleach,colours and perm lotions,all with bare hands! My boss used to tell me off for not wearing gloves but more to protect me from dermatitis,not vitiligo! If only i knew then what i know now! I never did get dermatitis by the way,wish i had,least i could treat that!!

Aww, well thankyou rachael..glad I made you smile..:)

you are a really funny person florenceandthemachine

The things I listed above MAY contain it, make sure to check ingredients with any combination with the word "phen" in it...usually this denotes phenol. If you get mani/pedi's make sure solutions and colors are phenol free...if possible.

If you are suffering from this condition like me it might be helpful to know that other products containing phenol may trigger more reaction. Aresol antipersperents, sunblock, perfume, and black rubber are just a few things that contain it. I happened to wear a bathing suit with black spandex type straps..and have lost pigment where the strapped touched! And no these are not suntan lines, I've had them for 6 months! Now I avoid the sun, because it really makes the contrast of vit show up. What a pain! I am focused on healing though. Don't get discouraged...

Ok, I just saw a YouTube video featuring Diane Sawyer talking about Michael Jackson's vitiligo. I want to contact Diane and tell her my personal experience and contact with PPD. I'm sure Michael colored his hair and his started the same way mine did! If I can do will blow the lid off this whole problem! I did contact the hair dye company...they claim to know about the correlation, and a rep emailed a statement saying the depigmentation warning is on the package! Can you believe the audacity?! I've just seen warnings about allergic reaction, not depigmentation!<br />
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Ps. If you buy broccoli sprouts make sure they are fresh and green, and wash them thoroughly.

One more IMPORTANT thing to add. Broccoli Sprouts are one of the BEST repairers of eat up people, eat up...!

I would like to add that the chemical PPD is mutagenic. That means it changes your DNA structure. My mom used hair dye and developed it, so I think her genes made mine sensitive to it. I feel like one of the x-men...Hahaha! My new x-men name is Camille Flauge....because I can blend into the environment! I crack myself up..anyhoo as we are all waiting to heal our condition- I say we think up natural ways to camouflage it! I just made a cream of virgin coconut oil, pure coco powder, some 100 pure instant coffee, and a dash of tumeric. No more chemicals or I'm trying to detox from such crap. I'm Swedish and Irish, but have a somewhat olive complexion..(?) Might as well make it less obvious, makes me feel better too that I'm being naturally proactive..:)