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When I was 4 years old my mom noticed that over the summer my skin was getting darker but my knee was lightening up. After my knee kept lightening up she finally took me to John Hopkins where they confirmed I have vitiligo. In kindergarten I really didn't care until my whole knee nd part of my leg was white. People then started to look at me funny nd I remember in the first grade a girl came to me nd said stop trying to be white like Michael Jackson your black deal with it. I hated my vitiligo so elementary-middle school I only wore pants or really long dresses. Then my freshmen year came nd my mom bought me this really cute peach dress but it didn't cover my leg. I really wanted to wear it but I was so self conscious. Finally I said I'm not gonna let other people's thought rule my life. I put my dress on with my matching shoes nd felt fine. I saw people look at my leg nd some talked behind my back. I looked good nd I knew it. I actually got more compliments than I got weird looks. So now I just don't care I'll wear shorts, skirts, and shorter dresses. This is my body nd I'll wear what I like.
P.S. I'm African American
yesihavevitiligo yesihavevitiligo
13-15, F
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Nice attitude

Great attitude! I'm sure u rocked that dress!