Care Against Vitiligo Spread

Those who have vulnerability to vitiligo should:
- ensure that they never come into contact with chlorine gas. Chlorine sometimes is formed in closed toilet environment because chlorine is often formed by the bleach reacting with other toilet cleaning stuff. Hence, many individuals get vitiligo in the genitals. Also hair dyes should be avoided and preferably other house sharers also should not use hair dyes.

My first episode on genitals at the of 17 did clear up promptly after the doctor prescribed a topical steroid cream. Due to extreme stress when I was 24, vitiligo returned on arm and scalp. Use of steroid sometimes worked on the arm but the recovery could not be sustained due to lack of sun in winter months.

I then wore wig in my 30s. Once, I used a dye to colour my mustache and vitiligo appeared on my face.

Recent extreme stress did bring it on other areas. I noticed that when I used toilet bleach there must be some traces of toilet cleaner in the toilet bowl. some white patches developed on my face.

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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

this is very interesting. when my vitiligo first came out, my mom always thought i got it from the swimming pools. i didn't swim that much but i did went on swim outings before it and she was convinced that's why. my doctors didn't pay attention to her theories; neither our family. wow. i will tell her about this. thank you!

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