You Can't Catch It :)

Vitiligo (leukoderma) is a non-contagious, genetic, skin disorder in which the skin loses it's pigment in patches or spots because of a loss of melanocytes (the skin's pigment cells).In case anyone is wondering what it is.

My arms and hands are the most visible. I use a Dove energy glow (tanning lotion) to lessen the appearance. I have not found anything that will help me regain my color. I have excepted it and am more comfortable. I do notice people often stare, mostly when I haven't been using my lotion. I am not sure why I always feel a need to make them more comfortable with me.  I think they often think its something contagious.

I had only a few spots until a few years ago, I went through a very stressful time and thats when it spread so bad. I do wish I could find something to bring  back my color

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I have vitiligo and my father has it too! I am confused about having a child as that child may also get vitiligo!! May be that child will blame me if she/ he is not able to cope up with the disease!! but i want my own child... what should i do ??

I recommend seeing a dermatologist they could give an idea on how to cover your vitiligo. They have makeup that can cover the white patches plus if you have it over 50% of your body the dermatologist would offer you a cream that can depigment your remaining patches. If you have only alittle bit of patches you can use a cream that will slow the process or go with the uva method that involves being put in fornt of uva lamps over a couple period of times to repigment your skin. Either method you decide can only be done through a dermatologist. However i wouldnt stress trying to make others more comfortable with you whether you are one color or two people will always find a problem with another. Just embrace it and realize that vitiligo doesnt control you. you control vitiligo. I would also not recommend using tanning beds having vitiligo makes you twice as likely to catch skin cqncer and tanning beds can cause that. Furthermore always make sure to put on sunscreen.

I dont think others notice it as much as we do... My hands bothered me, but my face bothers me the most...The tanning bed is really making a difference in some of my spots that are less severe than the others...

It is what Michael Jackson has.