A Discussion!

Hello everyone, 

I have a story that i want to share. 

I want to share a discussion with a lady who tried a herbal treratment

This is what she shared with me. 



This customer is requesting a refund. Please reply to the customer egarding this refund request. Thank you for your help regarding this matter. 

Customer comment: 

I wish to refund my anti-vitiligo tablets. I did 

nothing for me. What should I do? I still have 15 days of tablets left 

to drink, but all the other bottles are empty. Should I sent it all back 

and what is the address? thank you 


Paula Blanca H. B. 

CCNow Customer Service 


Company to ME: 

Recently we have made vitiligo cream also which is being used along with vitiligo tablets for more effectiveness. 


So if you want we can deliver you dose for 40 days of vitiligo tablets + vitiligo cream free of charge. 




I think you can sent it to me. If for instance this does also not work, I will have my refund. 



Yes sure money back will still on. 

please hold on you will get it within 10-15 days. 



Hi there 

I received my pills with the cream. I have been using the cream for about 2 or 3 weeks. The bigger spots are turning red . Should it do that. 

Thanks you 




I have consulted with our expert and he said this is a very good positive sign. You are getting betterment. So please don't stop applying the cream. Please continue using it. 




Finally, when I started to make peace with vitiligo. Now I am getting joy out of a product. 



I think herbal treatment do work for some people, but you need to take care of your diet while using herbal treatments. 


james024 james024
26-30, M
Mar 6, 2010