I Have Vcd.

My story began in high school marching band. My marching band spends two months in the summer practicing from 9-9 every day, traveling, competing, and having a great time. I play clarinet, and there is nothing I love more than making music. It was the summer before my sophomore year when I had my first episode.

I remember my first episode like it was yesterday. It was a really hot June day. My band needs to do intense physical training to be able to perform our shows, so I was on a long run with my band mates. I was running along and feeling fine, when out of no where I had a hard time breathing. I felt my throat closing up, and I couldn't catch my breath. I started to lag farther and farther behind the group, struggling to keep going but not wanting to quit. When I ran past my band director (at that point, more of a walk), he called my name, told me to stop, and hurried over to me. My throat was closing quickly. I started to cry. He asked me what was wrong, but I had no idea. He led me through some deep breathing exercises and after 10 minutes I was able to breathe normally. He told me to sit out of any running and to sit out of rehearsal if I didn't feel well, but I did as much as I could, because it kills me to miss a second of band.

A few days later, I made an appointment with my pediatrician. She asked me a few questions about what happened, but because I had only had one episode, she told me that I should keep behaving normally, and that it was probably a one time thing. I finished out the last month of my season, going back to my normal activities. I had an attack almost any time I ran. I called my doctor again after the season ended, and she prescribed an inhaler. I tried it multiple times, and it didn't help me at all. She referred me to the children's hospital in my area where I could see an award winning ENT doctor. I was scoped and diagnosed with VCD. A speech therapist taught me some breathing exercises, but I don't feel like they help.

Living with VCD has been really difficult. No one understands what I'm dealing with. I can't just switch it off, and there's nothing I can take to make it better. Now, not only have my episodes been triggered by exercise, but by stress. It makes me really scared, because there's nothing I can do to stop them. I can't wait for my upcoming marching band season, but I'm nervous that it won't be the same because of the limitations that VCD has caused.

Is there anyone else out there that knows how I feel? Do any of you have episodes triggered by stress? Please message me. I would love to talk.

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Oh Wow! I go through the same thing except I play basketball. I went to the speech pathologist too and the exercises don't help me at all. I had to sit out this basketball season (2012-2013) because of it. I really hate having this because I want to play basketball I'm a very athletic teenager. Stress? Im not sure, but I do know when I cry, laugh, or get upset I do began to have an episode