Finally A Clue As To What It Might Be.....

I had my yearly physical exam by my GYN and she is 95% sure that I have VLC.  I told her that I believe I have had this for a LONG time.  The symptoms vary.  My biopsy is scheduled in September.  I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 23, during a laparoscopy surgery for 2 chocolate cysts on both of my ovaries.  The doctor prescribed steroids for 9 months so that I would not have a period and the endometrium could not flourish.  I managed endometriosis with little symptoms since.  In 2003 I was prescribed amoxicillin for enflamed ear drums from over the counter ear wash.  It was at this time that I got the worst case yeast infection of my life.....It lasted about 2 years.  I went to three different GYN doctors that said my vagina was closing because I was not having sex.  And, the tests for yeast were negative but the symptoms were just like what you have with a yeast infection.  I had used the medication that you use with a plunger and actually ripped my vulva because I could hardly push the plunger into my vagina-- it was so swollen.  Now, I have learned that any injury to this Lichen Sclerosis could be cancer "ready".  In 2006 I was engaged and we had intercourse in which at his ***********, it burned me from the inside out.  I thought I was allergic to his *****.  Needless to say, I wasn't looking for that experience again.  I have been celibate since and did not marry.  Looking back in my teenage years I hated condoms...They just tore me up.  Now I know why, I'm allergic to latex.  When I was a baby, my mother could not use baby powder on my butt and I could not take bubble baths because I would get an infection.  I believe all my symptoms growing up has to do with this Lichen Sclerosis.  Thanks for listening..  And I thank God because he has raised me up to be an independent, strong woman who can go on with life as it is and he will bring the desires of my heart regardless of my circumstances.
41-45, F
Aug 3, 2010