Lichen Sclerosus

Hi,Im 23 years old and i was diagonised with this disease last year.I was very shocked and scared the thought of it turning into cancer.I applied steroid cream to help ease the condition of my vulva.Months after my doctor found strange lumps and booked me in for a biopsy.My results came back abnormal cells.Again i was in shock and horrified with going through the biopsy and healing after.I do have a partner and hes been very supportive,i just cant help thinking that he could be put off by all this, even though he says hes not.I do have a high sex drive and 2 weeks after the biopsy we decided to have sex practically everyday.I woke up one morning, in alot of pain and felt like i was ******* out glass.I went to see the doctor and was told my vulva had thined out alot and inflammed quite bad.Iv just got to the point, where its depressing and frustrating me alot, and would like to talk to anyone whose in the same boat as me.t
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1 Response May 15, 2012

I was diagnosed with this embarrassing, painful, blistery, itchy disease 6 years ago by my OBGYN. I found a miracle ointment/cream which has virtually cured the condition, it's called Palomar "E" which you can Google to order. The factory is in Rockford, IL and it's about $5-$6 for a 2 oz. jar. Well worth the money. When applied daily, it manages my symptoms very well and I'll go pain, discomfort free for up to a week sometimes. If you can use it on babies, it's very safe.