Had It About Four Years!

I had noticed an area about the size of a pencil eraser on the right side of my vulva, between my outer labia and my clitoris be intensely itchy a few times a day and into the night, so itchy I would practically have to pinch the area of skin between my fingernails to get it to stop, and it would feel good to itch it at the same time, but felt the itch came from UNDER the skin, not directly on the surface. I had a biopsy done in the hospital by my gyn, and also he prescribed the Clobetosol sterioid creme which I didn't use for very long as I felt it didn't help, but reading online it looks like I should be using it long term and hope to see some relief with this daily itching and hope that this area doesn't spread. I have never had to stop my sex life thank goodness..
Kennedibrooke Kennedibrooke
2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I don't see any sex life!!!...it bleeds and tears to wipe after urination or bm...I'm forever wetting my toilet paper and dabbing, been going on about 9 months thus far. and yes, I have it from the rooter to the tooter..it's gosh awful and not pretty to view which it totally shocked me when I finally did LOOK..omg...two biopsies done and that doctor didn't agree with first doctor about the cause... I don't know who or what to trust about this.

yes its so severe at times that I actually had to pinch it and I told my doctor at the VA clinic those exact words. The va won't pay for anything that may cure it but they're sticklers for sending me cream that helps itch and pain, I want a tourniquet NOT a bandaid from the VA!!!!!