Vulvar And Anal Sclerosus Since 7

Try this plan... it's so simple and yet I finally have it under some control...
I'm 40 now and married, i have seen many doctors, I have tried all kinds of creams, I have had 3 biopsies, I have lost a few boyfriends, and I am finally getting a handle on this! My current uro-gyn has said that in all her years, I have had the worse case. So here's what happened. I went to her to try yet again... she examined me, biopsied it to make sure, and we built a plan. I was to see her MONTHLY for as long as needed to make sure my medications were the right set up for ME. I am on a thickener (premarin??) and on two anti-inflams(clobetesal and protopic). I also keep a daily record of what is happening down there and share with her when I visit. I also never take Amoxicillan ??? or any vaginal anything. EVERYTIME I get a cold and told to take a medication, I contact her so she can adjust my medication. If you get yeast infections, they can cause all kinds of issues - I call her and we adjust again! I still see her every 3 months. I still keep a record. I still put on a ton of cream and all I can say is ... FIND a great doctor that will see you through this. In my 30 years of dealing with pain and bleeding and crying and such...don't see a doc once or twice a year and feel like you are controlling this. See a doc and go every month to control. Good luck.
laineyj2 laineyj2
41-45, F
Jan 7, 2013