Just Diagnosed Today.

I went to my GYN today, because of the itching and worse yet, the horrible burning around my peri-anal area! I have known that menopause left me with vaginal atrophy. That was two years ago. This time, I have had 3 days of moderate to intense itching at the very top of my clitoris, and along the sides of my labia minora(or what is left of them as a result of hormone-defficient post -menopause) and worse, my peri-anal and perineum. Urinating is like all hell! BM's are sooo painful because of the pressure on the perineum!!. Triple Paste helped very much to keep urine from burning. In two days I will begin the steroid cream treatment. So devistating though, the major changes in appearance my vulvar area has gone through...more so because it cannot be reversed! Time to get a group together that learns to put sex and inimacy on a different plane. Wish me and others that suffer this disease "good luck". Thanks!
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I feel, for all of you, with this horrible condition! I was "just" diagnosed with LS on 4/1/13, thought was April's fool, joke! But, no such luck! I havebeen using triple paste, for soothing , we all know how urinating is, painful! I am 57 & post menopause, I had this condition for a long time, before I was, "finally" diagnosed by my gyn! She, gave me ointments which caused, intense, burning! I recently heard about "Terrasil MAX skin repair" researched it, FDA approved & many customer reviews! With, great results! Improves within 48 hours! So, I just, ordered it! Hoping for, the same results! I am "Really" having a rough day!

Thanks for sharing your story...............I too went to my PCP who has been treating me for yeast and strep B infection; got better but still I felt there was something else there......finally PCP told me looks like LS but she wanted to wait; I promptly called a GYn and going next week to get going on treatment......................it is scary to read on the web so I prefer a forum such as this where there is support for those of us going through biopsies and treatments; most importantly, I am thankful to have found this forum as I now do not feel so alone!!! Keep positive and I will pray for you and good luck on your journey to recovery..........

I am 65, on no hormone replacement or any meds whatsoever. I also suspected that my LS (from which I had been suffering for a few months in bewilderment before I saw a doctor) was due to hypothyroidism, so I cut back on all goitrogenic foods and started ingesting some seaweed daily. After three weeks my horrible itchy toad skin was GONE replaced with normal pink healthy tissue. The doctor who prescribed a slathering of Clobetasol for my "incurable condition" did not even want to see or know what I did to effect the healing. I do not consult her anymore. Anyhow, it's been about 4 years now with no problems. Itchy places sometimes occur if I don't get my seaweed, and eat wheat or too much fruit, but colloidal silver applied topically stops that and helps with any sensitive or itchy spots.
I am very happily married and use coconut oil for lubricant. A gel made from slippery elm powder and water is also good, not just as lubricant, but as a soothing balm. I kept a jar full in the fridge to help when I was healing.
My labia have definitely gone through some changes, but everything works, looks fine, feels fine. I can wear anything. I must be careful of my diet and to keep soap away from my vulva.
I think LS correlates with sluggish thyroid activity, immune levels, and diet. Sugar, processed foods, gluten, artificial additives, certain combinations all contribute to flare-ups. To control this condition without chemicals, pills, and potions from a doctor may require some lifestyle changes, but it is worth it. If your doctor doesn't support healing by natural means, then your doc is just a prescriber, not a healer.

What a great story, and you did all the work! I am curious as to how much seaweed you need daily.....................thank you for your diet tips, I had no idea sugar was a culprit...........at this stage I am willing to try these things and will mention to my new doctor when I go for my first visit next week....................good luck at staying in remission..........................

I have learned that I have lichen too. I just saw it for the first time around my vagina and got so upset by actually seeing what it looks like. I had gone to three gyn's and not one of them saw it. Finally I had to go to a derm for something else and asked her to check me down there and she was horrified and scared me to death. I told her two weeks before I had gone to my gyn and she never mentioned it. The derm said well when you go for a pap test they just quickly look. I said, Well who the heck do you have to go to the PLUMBER? lol I was so mad because she could have given me the meds way back then.....I still dont see why she and two others never saw it.

Oh I hear you. I am only 35 and I have been suffering LS for 5-12 years. Four I know of those I know, the rest of the time docs just kept telling me I had yeast infections or vaginitus, etc. Ends up 3/5 women in my immediate family have it. Not going to lie, it sucks. Follow your docs directions to a T, do not miss/skip/fall off your meds schedule. And if something isn't working, keep bugging. Not so many docs know tons about it, and there is more unknown than known. Good luck.