Finally A Diagnosis

I started to experience painful intercourse post-menopause at about the age of 52. My GP sent me to see a gynaecologist who basically said that there was no reason why I should be having trouble. He inserted some sort of object, asked if my husband's penis was any larger and more or less said "get over it". The difficulties persisted and when I was about 60 (I'm now 66) my husband and I went to see a sex therapist who recommended using vaginal expanders and I worked diligently on this with no lasting results. At about this time my sister
told me that she had lichen schlerosis and her doctor had mentioned that there was often a familial connection. Unfortunately I didn't follow this up. Finally this year my GP was unable to dilate my vagina enough to do a Pap smear so he sent me off to a young female Gynaecologist who had to use paediatric "tools" to obtain the sample and asked if I had
experienced extreme itchiness in the vulvar region. I said that I had and she said that she was pretty sure that I had lichen schlerosis. I wish I had been given this diagnosis much earlier. I regret the years when I was more or less blamed for what I was experiencing and I wish that doctors - even specialists like gynaecologists - were more aware of this condition. I regret that
I didn't assert my needs as I should have - the outcome may have been the same but I certainly would have felt psychologically better! Now I feel that I have someone on my side who has already provided me with much relief.
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

I'm 66 and just had a bad flare up. At first my new gyno ( my old one of 40+ yrs had retired) through her nurse were treating me for thrush and also had me on antibiotics plus the one dose pill for thrush plus the cream. But when after a week and a half I rang the nurse and told her I was bleeding she arranged for me to come in. I didn't see the gyno but the nurse who examined me and said she thought I had LS I told her I had been diagnosed by my old gyno in 2009 but he wasn't very interested, he did a biopsy and confirmed. This was all in my notes passed on to my new gyno.
I've now found out that it's incurable only manageable, it's genetic, so I'm informing my daughters, so far I don't know if any cousins have any problems all our mothers have passed away. It gets to me and I feel a bit down. I'm using a strong cortisone cream that was prescribed and the treatment last over three months. This flared up after I'd had my cystic ovaries removed. I stopped HRT last year in Oct Nov as I was told I was too old to be on it. LS didn't flare up while I was on it. When I was diagnosed back in 2009 I'd been coming off HRT then going back on it. So it makes me wonder if the HRT was stopping it flaring up.