I Have It Too : (

Recently diagnosed via visual. Having biopsy this week. Last flare was over a year ago, and not confirmed then either. Not looking forward to biopsy. Gun informed me of a specialist in vulvar disorders, who has helped other patients. I am glad to find this forum. Have been thinking I am crazy with " a fever between my legs" my vulva is "caving in". Burn burn burn. Painful non-intercourse, tearing me in two!! I was told in the past that I have a hyper active immune system when I suffered with chronic spontaneous hiving, almost as bad as this. Just as the hiving subsided, after about 9 years, this dreadful thing!!! Feeling sadness and isolation husband of 32years is very understanding, but I just don' t get it..........
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Try a coeliac test too as the starch can aggravate thrush and cystitis...it's happened to me with coeliac disease..

I am also new to this forum and so happy I found it...............my husband is also good about my diagnosis but still difficult...........................I was also told I have a hper active immune system, what does that mean? Please let me know how you make out with your biopsy as I am nervous about mine also! But you will get through it all and think positive!! Remember, there are lots of us women out there feeling just like you do.....................

Research coeliac disease and autoimmune system diseases, and you will discover how it happens and what you can do in your lifestyle & food choices to alleviate this,,like no gluten, chemical cleaners, and cosmetics, foods that help..etc..