Just Diagnosed

I was just diagnosed with this.  I am relieved to find out what was causing the "crazy itching" I was experiencing.  Hope to get it under control.  Would also like to know more about it:  what causes it?  Will it go away for good?  If not,  How to keep it under control.

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From everything I'm reading I see a direct correlation between hormones (menopause or perimenopause) and yeast overgrowth. I'm thinking we need hormones, less yeast in our diet and MSM with Vitamin C to change that scar tissue!

I am very sorry to hear about your diagnosis, too. I don't know if it was because I had to wait until it was too late for anything but comfort measures to be done for me. Hearing I will never have sex again was kind of a shocker, but I hope you will never get that bad. How many times have we denied ourselves the diagnosis because we are too afraid as women to speak up when something just :doesn't feel quite right". If you find a doctor who listens and really is interested in your welfare, that is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. Sure, it is a condition, it sucks, but we are lucky. My two best friends recently died of other diseases that couldn't be managed, we, at least, are still here. I think LS is an autoimmune disease. I used to work as a research assistant in a lab and so I know a bit about medicine and how stuff works in the body. LS replaces regular tissue with scar tissue. It cannot be removed with surgery because it comes back, so prevention of other leisons is really important. Listen to the experienced ones here in the chat room. Oftentimes, the patient understands too well what the doctor does not.......although regular dermatologist visits are part of the management of the disease. I wish you luck on your journey...and let me know if you get any other symptoms that seem unusual. I have LS in some weird places, LOL! I would like to know if others have it in other strange body areas too..........and best of luck to you!

I'm sorry you've been diagnosed with this. I was diagnosed two years ago and I still search for new info and updates regularly.I think Renee68 has good advice. I want to emphasize that you need to have regular checkups because sometimes the discomfort can mask changes that you may not notice. I'm smack in the middle of menopause so I'm guessing it's hormonal, too. You need to be open to the hints given by others to find what works for you. My tried and true hint so far? Don't wear a wet bathing suit any longer than you absolutely have to. I went to the beach about two weeks ago and wore my suit for one whole day and I haven't gotten back to "normal" (for this disease, anyway!) yet. Ouch! I wish you well.!

I'm sorry you've been diagnosed with this. I have, too, and it sucks. To answer your question, it will NOT go away, but you DO have to keep it under control. Steroid creams work the best, and for pain, you'll need a Lidocaine cream. Definitely keep going to the doctor because if it's not consistently treated and watched, it can get a lot worse. As far as I can tell, nobody knows what TRULY causes it, but I think it's totally hormonal. I have Hypothyroidism and Dysmenorrhea, which are both hormonal, so the changes that happen with your skin due to Lichen Sclerosis is most likey hormonal, as well. Good luck with this. Keep your chin up. Easy for ME to say, since I'M not. But, you should.

Google it and read through the resources you find there. And good luck!