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Please read if you have Lichen Sclerosus! I had terrible pain, sores, lesions, itching, clitoris shrinking and all of the most horrific symptoms of LS in the vulva and anal area. I have found great relief maybe even remission from my symptoms of LS. I did lots of research and there may be a big connection between LS and oxidative stress. You can do your own research but I started a major anti-oxidant assault on the LS from the inside and out. I started taken a pill called “Protandim” that actually stimulates your own body to create huge amounts of anti-oxidants. It supposedly reduces the oxidative stress in most people to that of a 20 yr. old. You may experience a rash or other symptoms (for up to 2 weeks) while your body releases toxins but then will be much better! I also started using anti-oxidant creams (in that area) that include Calendula and other anti-oxidants. Calendula oil (you must use a high quality) is really a miracle for your skin and actually heals through many levels not just the epidermis. I also use Manuka honey to heal lesions. I also take baths with Calendula; the California Baby bath products are good. I have been doing this over a month and through a full cycle and actually feel like I have my life back.
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I have been battling labial lichen sclerosus for over 15yrs I am 57yrs and have had this condtion for over 15yrs but it was miss diagnoise and I was treated incorrectly which has caused a fusion of the labial which has buried my clitoris under a layer of skin and completely changed the structure of my vigina and is now causing me alot of discomfort due to thinning of the skin and the fusion means even the slightest friction on the vigina causes the skin to break and cause alot of discomfort I will try the natural remedies you have found helpful to you thankyou.

Your note is interesting. I have also had LS for quite awhile, with the steroidal creams and Protopic slightly reducing only the most overt symptoms. I recently began taking SeroVital hgh (about 2 weeks ago), and the LS is drying up and disappearing. I imagine within another 2 - 3 weeks it will be completely gone -- I'd say over 60% has totally disappeared already. I suppose many of the ingredients in this HGH stimulator could be considered anti-oxidants. I also had some good symptom relief with BioOil, although nothing in comparison to the HGH.

Where do you get the protandim pills? Thanks

My doctor has me use Vanos and it has been very responsive to LS.

This is for anyone using the honey. How long does it take to notice a difference after using the honey on lesions?

Anyone using these treatments have any good results?

This is for anyone using the honey. How long does it take to notice a difference after using the honey on lesions?

Does anyone experience numbness in hands or feet or feelings like a pinched nerve?<br />

I found your question interesting because my toes were numbing about the same time as the onset of my LS symptoms. The dr. suggested ALA and the numbness is gone, but now I have LS. No idea if they would be related.

ALA is Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Please explain more.

I'm applying Raw Manuka Honey to the opening of the vagina twice a day and it seems to be helping. I don't like using chemicals that are prescribed by my doctor...too many side effects.

I'm trying the honey too but find it very sticky!

Any results yet?

I recently read about Calendula Oil and bath products. I am anxious to get started using them. I've had LS for more than 40 years ... though, of course, it wasn't properly diagnosed until just this past year!

I will also try this. One this thing that also helped is I was given Neurontin 300mg / 3 to 4 times a day for neuropathy. This medication helps with nerve pain, but as a side thing, it has helped my LS about 90 %. I didn't expect this, but happy it happened.

I'm going to try that calendula oil.