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 I am 23 yrs old... and was just diagnosed with vulvar vestibulitis by a gynacologist (7 months married). Never had sex before marriage. My first night was horrific... weeks went on with the hope that the pain would subside ... turned into months... went to my family doc after 4 months, she blamed it on a yeast infection or just needing to "stretch more". I felt like a complete idiot for seeking help, especially, if it just needed "more stretching down there". It burns/stabs to have sex. burns after sex. Burns when I urinate... I frequenlty have the urge to urinate... Just recently I have been experiencing pelvic pain... possibly because I anticipate pain everytime we attempt to have sex. My husbands supportive, but it feels like even my closest friends don't think this is a big deal... one day I feel fine, I'm a Christian and desire to believe God will heal me... but the next I am utterly depressed... just wanting to sleep the day away... It sounds silly, but I'd just like to have a friend experiencing the same problem, or at least similar... Someone who understands that this is not a "minor" problem... and that it's hard to walk through sometimes...

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I started to have symptoms that I thought was a UTI, went to the ER, told the doctor I have a UTI, prescribed antibiotics for 10 days. By the 5th day I was still hurting from the syptoms. I went back to the ER, saw the nurse practitioner, peed in a cup and had my sugar checked. Sugar was 140 and my pee came back negative. She prescribed pills that made my urine orange. Still I was having the burning and itching so I said to myself maybe it is a yeast infection. Went to go see a urologist and peed in a cup said everything looked normal. Prescribed medicine to rule out a yeast infection, and still I'm having the symptoms. Last resort was a GYN, she told me I have vestibulitis. She prescribed a steroid cream that I use twice a day, it's been about a week now and I'm feeling better slowly each day. I pray that this go away soon. I can't deal with this the rest of my life, so u r not alone my dear, take care and wish u good luck.

Hi Kristen how have you been? Have you found relief since your post? I'm a Christian too, we could always chat and pray for each other.

I am 25, I use the lidocane and albolene as a lubricant during sex.. it does help but I am too looking for alternate treatments during sex.

Lidocaine helps me quite often but not all the time. It's the only treatment I'm using but I'm going to try a low oxalate diet next. I might also try the biofeedback treatment you mentioned.

Hang in there. I am Thirty nine and have just had my second surgery to remove tissue. It is a lot better but I still have pain. So frustrating! I feel like I am suffering alone. My boyfriend is great but I just feel bad. I am so tired of it. Has anyone used lidocaine or other treatments to help during sex?

My problem is fixed without surgery! Read my story:<br />
<br />
I also never had sex before I was married. Once we had intercourse I quickly went to the Doctor to complain about so much pain. The Doctor figured we just needed to have more sex. So we did. All the time. And it hurt SOO MUCH! I hated it. He didn't really want to have intercourse with me either because he didn't like to see me in so much pain. <br />
<br />
We moved and I changed Doctors. I complained to my new Doctor and she immediatly sent me to a Gynocologist. Well she immediatly diagnosed me with VVS and sent me to a specialist who I would rather call a quack. She told me studies show women with VVS have control issues, most have been sexually molested and are not comfortable with sex in the first place, among many other things! She would give me homework to go home with a mirror and look at my Vagina!!!! She would tell me I needed to "befriend my Vagina, love my Vagina" GAG!!! After 2 years of putting up with this woman I started to do my own research online.<br />
<br />
I read about the diet, about the calcium citrate, about the surgery, and more importantly "Bio Feedback Training". This is where a health professional inserts a dialator attached to a machine that can show exactly where your pain is, how well your muscles work etc. This was given to me by a physiotherapist training to be an Osteopath. She gave me 3 different sized Vaginal dialators and a sheet with directions on how to use them.<br />
<br />
The first dialator was just bigger than a heavy flow tampon. I was to insert this into my Vagina every day and leave it there for 10 minutes until I felt no pain. Then go up to the next size. This sounds so overly simple but I can not believe that it worked!!! It took me about 6 months to feel no pain during intercourse, it could have taken less time but I didn't do the stretches every day. <br />
<br />
All in all, it took around 4 1/2 years before my husband and I could have pain free intercourse. We have been married for 7 years now, and to this day if we do not have sex often enough it starts to hurt again but the pain quickly subsides. <br />
<br />
I hope my story helps someone else and I greatly recommend the the Biofeed back training. If you can't find anywhere that has it, I would seriously just use a tampon to start with. Once that doesn't hurt, I would go to into a "tasteful" sex store and purchase a slightly larger sized "toy". You only need these for stretching. I can't believe how quickly this solved my problem.

There is a vulvar specialist that deals with this. Please look it up and call, Dr. Brooks has helped many women.<br />
<br />

My wife of 20 years has vulvar vestibulitis. We have found ways to be intimate that doesn't involve intercourse. Sex is not always as satisfying, but at least it's something. The pain comes and goes for her. Some weeks she tells me it is excruciating and she has trouble with wearing some kinds of clothes. Other times it's simply 'itchy'. Tell your husband as much as you can about your pain. Let him know that you need his help and understanding. Simple communication can go a very long way.

I have been suffering with the same for 6 years. My started with an yeast and bacterial infection treatment. Have seen various doctors in the USA & Brazil. 3 biopsies... Treatment so far elavil, prozac, vitamin e, fish oil, my pantry look like a mini pharmacy... What has really helped me is prozac<br />
for the depression. Which I think I'll be asking for wellbutrim 'cause prozac makes my mouth dry. This may be to personal for some of you but here goes... Triancinolone (cortizone) just a little on the finger<br />
and massage the area, 2x a weak with cortizone, 2 x a weak with estrace (estrogen cream) also I seat on a tennis ball for about 5 to 10 min. a day. You place the ball between your anus and vaginal opening. The first time I did it I thought I was going to faint from so much pain. Have been doing it since March of 2010 and is defnately helping. Try the ball. Hope it will help you too. Don't give up. Feel free to contact me. Regards. Maria

This is definitely not a "minor" issue- I completely understand because it makes life miserable!! I was diagnosed with Vestibulitis 2 years ago and tried every treatment with no success. Then about a year ago I had the surgery and it did lesson the pain but unfortunately sex is still moderately painful. Sadly if the surgery doesn't remove the pain completely there isn't much that can be done.... but best of luck with everything- look into the surgery -it definitely is better than nothing!!

I also had surgery and it took away a lot of the pain but overall sex is still painful. I am having a hard time with the disappointment.

I was 20 when diagnosed with VVS went through every treatment in the book finally at age 24 I decided to have the surgery now 18 months later im doing great no symptoms and no longer depressed and sleeping in that bed as you are doing. Please if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Did it work???

I know exactly what you're going through! Don't give up searching for treatment for does NOT go away on its own! After four years I finally decided to have a surgery to remove the sensitized tissue...that was four weeks ago but I'm really optomistic about the outcome! In two weeks I get to see if the surgery has worked. I'll update on this website when I have a result! Keep up your hopes and know you're not alone!