i decided to go through my pictures today and clear off some space on my computer...

and by the end i was like going crazy, there aree soooo many pictures! there is no end! i will never ever be able to go through all this ****!
and so many of them are duplicates! i dont know what to delete or to keep!
there were folders within folders... hidden folders... sooo many folders!

all with pictures! ahhhh.

too many. way too many.

asdfok asdfok
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7 Responses Jul 28, 2008

ah i know :/

Wish i could organize them better, cause when i go into my photo gallery some show 3 or 4 times.

lmao to the web cam ones. i have a whole folder of 100 somethin web cam pics. and like, they are just totalyy random. <br />
and no, i do not remember the graphicless computers :p <br />
luckily thats a bit before my time haha

ee<br />
lol remember the days when we didnt have pictures on our computers :) no?me neither.

Yeah, I looked at all my pictures... decided... **** it, not worth my time. There's wayyy too many to go through them all.

i was getting so frustrated i just had to walk away from it before i ended up deleting everything in a mad fit of rage

haha, i know exactly how that is... i decided to do the same one day but it took me a week to go through every picture!