Adversity And Fulfillment

My life has been down many long roads filled with Adversity and fulfillment.
(I'm a transgendered person) Adversity
(I lost my wife who loved me for who I am to suicide in 2009) Adversity
(In 2010 I got colon cancer and had most of colon removed along with a grapefruit size cancer) Adversity
(I spent 14 years with my loving wife) Fulfillment
(I am finally happy with who I am) Fulfillment
(I have finally fallen in love again) Fulfillment
(I have friends and and Family who love me for who I am) Fulfillment
(I am lucky to be a cancer survivor) Fulfillment
( I'm finally finding true happiness in life ) I have waited all my life for now.

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2 Responses May 5, 2012

I read all of them.You area very interesting person......lately I have been preparing a case in small claims court against a police officer... Allowed to do that in Canada.False arrest.It takes up a lot of time and I sort of go in and out of the EP.

Wow you have been through hell and are amazing and I have to say I am very happy to know you. Since my near death experience I have learned that people have a purpose,.people teach people and bring understanding to the world at large.I admire your strength and courage<br />
Always with a smile..