Unorganized Organization

It happens to me in many different circumstances, but almost inevitably when I am cleaning. I get to moving around trying to get things done, and I start moving one direction while I'm thinking about something else, and I am standing in the kitchen with a stack of dvd's and a roll of toilet paper.

I'm the worst about wandering about aimlessly as I try to organize. I lose track of things, I lose track of my thoughts. One time, in a SERIOUS cleaning frenzy, I misplaced my couch. I wandered from room to room as the mopped floor dried where it was supposed to live. It took me half an hour to realize I'd put it on the porch.
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3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

You are a woman after my own heart. *nods approvingly* While I CAN locate my piano, I misplace my keys every morning, and find myself wondering why I'm standing in the kitchen w/the refrigerator door open.<br />
<br />
(of course, this could simply be subliminal survival skill. I evidently would prefer NOT to go to work, but rather to give some long overdue cuddle time to my quart of Rum Raisin Haagen Daz.) :-)

Wait til you look for your glasses for an hour before realizing you're wearing them. Although losing a couch would be pretty sweet.

At least you were coherent enough to notice the couch wasn't where it was supposed to be! All is not lost yet.