Wanking With My Buddy

My best friend Mike and I were in the pub one long, hot summer evening. Neither of us had had a girlfriend for a while. Come to think of it - Mike never had a girlfriend that I can remember - that may explain a few things! Closing time was approaching a we'd had a long, drunken evening bitching about our lack of sex and generally putting the world right. Closing time was fast approaching and we decided to buy some cans to drink on the way home. It was a long walk, and it involved walking down a lane, through some woods, across a railway line and then a field. When we got to the railway we sat on the stile chatting and drinking our cans of beer. I think there must have been moonlight as it was not that dark even though it was late. We concluded that girls were hard work and that a good **** was much less complicated. We got to talking about wanking techniques and how often we did it. Mike announced that he needed a ****, stood up - and then grabbed the fence - because he hadn't realised just how pissed he was! I stood up to help, a little dizzy myself and we put and arm around each other's shoulders to steady each other. We giggled at both being so pissed we could hardly stand, and stumbled towards a large tree that looked appropriate for ******* against. Mike placed his right hand on the tree and began fumbling with his jeans with the left. After an age he managed to get the button undone and I realised my own bladders was full too. I unzipped and took my ***** out, but couldn't stop watching Mike. In the end, it was clear he wasn't going to get it out by himself, one handed. 'Do you need a hand?' I asked, only half-serious. 'Would you?' he replied. Gingerly, I undid the zip and he was able to take out his ****. I gasped. Mike was only slightly younger than me but he was shorter and seemed more 'boyish'. I was completely unprepared for how big his soft ***** was. It was thick and manly, and I couldn't help remarking on it. He gasped with relief as he started to pee like a racehorse, with steam rising from his hot, clear beer pee. I gazed at his admirable member peeing so close to me. He seemed to pee for a long time, and eventually his stream slowed. He asked me what I was waiting for. I realised that as I had been so transfixed with his peeing ****, I had just been standing there with my ***** in one hand. And it had grown a little, still soft - but bigger. Now he was standing with his ***** in his hand watching me! I couldn't go because I was becoming aroused - and the more I thought about it the more aroused I got. I was shaking. I nervously said I needed to think about something else - it had been too long since I had *** and I needed to ****. 'Yeah, I could do with a ****', he said. I really needed to pee. I closed my eyes and relaxed, and the blessed flow started. Once it started it was easy to keep going. Mike looked at me and giggled. He seemed to be enjoying holding his flaccid **** - in no hurry to put it away. As my stream slowed, I too felt in no hurry to stop holding my *****, which was once again swelling in my hand. 'Shall we?', said Mike. He was already massaging his **** and it was growing visibly. My own **** grew stiff in my hand as I massaged it too. I was soon wanking my stiff ****, fascinated at his concentration. His breathing changed and that excited me. Soon, my stuff spurted onto the ground, and then he grunted as his ***** splattered onto the **** soaked tree.

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with a few friends over the years, would love to meet older male 60 plus to do it with

Me too!!

Thanks for sharing this - Id have loved to have been around to watch you both, Id have had to taste the tree afterwards!!