An Opportunity Exists As Long As Life Exists

every day i feel if i didnt contribute to self or someone then it is waste of life.
what happens if i did contribute to self and also someone and at the end realize i didnt get anything out of it. Is it waste of life????????

An obvious answer is YES. but if you actually realize you have your life still with you; your heart; your mind; your body; your soul everything is only yours.

so why dont you begin a new life to restructure self?

and a drawl comes in 'i dont have energy nor self esteem nor motivation do so'

do you really feel so?

you shriek 'YES' and that too loudly and angrily..
how did the energy come?

you begin smiling...
hey did you feel am close by you giving you the care to build your self esteem

if the heart says 'YES' then begin a new life from today...

This piece of writing is for people who are sad; feel all is lost and i say 'Nothing is lost. please wake up
giftafamily giftafamily
Sep 23, 2012