Morning Sunrise

Many times I've watched the sun come up, and every time I do, I soak it in my pours and let it recharge my soul. Sometimes I wish I heard music every time the sun rises like in the movie City of Angels. It is said that there is power in a sunrise, and in a way I believe it. I strongly believe in astrology and my astrological sign (Leo), so a sunrise to me is a very peaceful experience where I feel whole; awakened. I feel very close to nature and sunrises are the best. Sunsets are beautiful, but I feel sad when the sun goes to shine bright for every one on the other side of the world, but I have the desert stars to gaze at when the sun is gone which is another story for later =)
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4 Responses Jun 5, 2010

oh the most beautiful desert landscapes I've seen are the sunsets of Arizona and NM. The orange and purple hues are breath-taking. I prefer the moon and her beautiful rays that light up the sand like an ocean caught in freeze-fr<x>ame. a stellar moment in time.

*nods* yeah! It is a birth of a new day! I never thought of it like that! thanks for the comment and thanks for sharing ^__^

A Sun Rise is definatly something special. It is in fact the "birth" of a day. A summertime sunrise in the desert is one of the coolest things. Thank you for your experience.

your very welcome and thanks for the comment. =3