Every Morning

I stay up all night, so I see the sunrise every morning.
There is something magical about watching the sun come up, for a brief moment, its like the earth stand still. The day has not begun so there is not a bunch of activity going on.
My favorite part about watching the sunrise is hearing the birds wake up. It sounds so beautiful.
ladysora ladysora
22-25, F
4 Responses Feb 6, 2011

I thout of doing something like that myself. :-) I would love to see them

I will put together my sunrise pic collection for you to see ladysora...

Yes I am a insomniac, my sleep cycle has been messed up for months now. <br />
What I discovered is that no matter what happen the night before, or the day before, watching the sunrise seems to melt all those problems away.

You have a very unhealthy habit and a very healthy one. :)<br />
Are you an insomniac? I hope if so that you'll find your good, recovering sleep.<br />
Keep the habit though of watching the sunrise: it really is like the best therapy to be in touch with nature.<br />